10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Albert Einstein used to be that kid in the school who always stayed absent minded in the class. And now that kid only gave us the theory of relativity and many general theories about physics or science. But do you anything else about him other than all his contributions in science? If no, then you’re at the right place as we’re going to tell you about Einstein or some of his crazy facts that’ll amaze you.

So here are the 10 interesting facts about Albert Einstein!

1. Einstein was a large head baby

10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Albert Einsten

Pauline Einstein (Albert Einstein’s mother) thought that Albert Einstein was deformed during his birth because when he was born he was a fat baby with a large head.

2. Einstein was a slow kid and had speech difficulty

As a child almost everyone noticed that he was a very slow kid who indeed had speech difficulty and his parents were afraid as they thought he may be retarded or something.

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3. He never donated his body

Albert Einstein or his family never actually donated his body but still a scientist took his brain to do a research on it without anybody’s consult but he was later granted permission as everyone was curious.

4. His interest in science was inspired by a compass

When Albert Einstein was just five year old, his father gave him a compass while he was sick and lying on his bed. That little compass sparked his brain so much that his interest in science started.

5. He failed his entrance exam

In the year 1895 when Einstein was just 17 year old, he applied for the entrance exam into Swiss Federal Polytechnical School but he was passed in science and maths but failed in history geography, etc.

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