10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Spider-Man

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Spider-Man is a name that drives us through the fond memories of our childhood and not just childhood, but we still love to watch Spider-Man. But the story of Spider-Man doesn’t end in those comics only as behind the mask there are many things that a few people are aware of, so let’s start and discuss some amazing facts that you weren’t aware of.

So here are 10 interesting and amazing facts of Spider-Man that everyone should know!

10. Been in love with four women

Not only Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, but he has been in love with more women in life. Peter’s first love was Betty Brant but that love ended tragically when Betty’s brother died during a fight between Dr.Octopus and Spidey. Then he fell in love with Gwen Stacy but she also died, then again he fell for Felicia Hardy (The black cat) and then Mary Jane.

9. Once a part of Fantastic Four

Earlier Fantastic Four was called the Future Foundation and after the death of Human Torch, Peter Parker was inducted to his place according to his will. Spider-Man then appeared in a black and white costume instead of red and blue.

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8. A special uniform by Tony Stark

10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Spider-Man

The uniform in which Spider-Man is known as the Iron Spider was built by Tony Stark. It was built to replace the red and blue suit and this new suit was much handier and stronger.

7. Identity wasn’t always a secret

During the time of Superhuman Registration Act (an act which was made to control all the superhumans if needed), Peter Parker removed his mark in front of the live TV to show his support and said that he has been Spider-Man since he was 15 years old and revealed his name too.

6. Operated as four different heroes

When Spider-Man was getting chased by the police force for a murder, Peter got four costumes for himself as he couldn’t operate as Spider-Man. Two costumes were of heroes and two were of criminals to get access to the underground community to fetch for clues. Heroes were named Hornet and Prodigy and in criminals costumes, he was named Ricochet and Dusk.

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