10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampires From TVD

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Vampires are one of the most popular supernatural creatures in all pop culture. There have been numerous TV shows and movies focused on this species. They all have a different take on the origin, strengths, weaknesses of the vampires. TVD is one of the most hit Vampire Shows of all time. The show revolves around a young girl who finds herself in love with the vampire brothers and her entire hometown is plagued with all sorts of supernatural creatures such as werewolves, witches, and lot others.

So Today We Will Be Taking A Look At The 10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampires From TVD


10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampires From TVD
The CW

Did you know that originally the vampires were supposed to have many powers such as Weather Manipulation as we saw Damon creating haze, mist, and fog. In TVD novels, Klaus and Katherine also possessed this power. Another power they were supposed to have was compelling any kind of animal to do their bidding. In pilot episode, Damon was able to control a crow which spied on Elena and later transformed into a crow and entered through the window of Stefan. The power of levitation was also depicted as an invisible Damon carried a female victim up in the sky in the Pilot episode. However, these powers were believed to be too supernatural and they would also increase the budget so they were written out after the pilot.


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Blood is the most important thing a vampire needs to survive. They need to feed on blood, whether it’s human or animal to function. Without a regular diet of blood, their body will start weakening and it would ultimately lead to desiccation. However, they can crave their insatiable hunger for blood to a certain degree by eating human food or drinking alcohol. They also drink coffee to keep the temperature of their body warmer to avoid being identified as a cold corpse.

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10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Vampires From TVD
The CW

There’s a popular myth that Garlic repels vampires, but it’s a lie which was started to keep the fact secret that vampires are vulnerable to vervain. Also, holy items such as cross or holy water have no effect on them. The belief started from the fact that vampires came from the hell. Also, vampires have functioning hearts which if removed will kill them. Vampires also need oxygen, a deprivation of oxygen will kill them. However, they can be revived later.


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