10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Chennai

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Chennai is one of the most beautiful cities from the lower peninsula land. The coconut trees and beaches make up an incredible combination of scenic beauty. it is known worldwide for many unique cases.

The cities of India are no less than a maze. The more you discover the more it creates to keep up your interests. Located in the bottom still keeps it on top.

Here we have listed some unknown and interesting facts about Chennai that you wish you knew earlier.

1. A few of us know we have the world’s second oldest corporation. London still being the first, Chennai secures the immediate place.

2. Chennai Hosts the largest IT park in Asia. The SIPCOT IT Park, at siruseri, is the record owner this way.

3. When we take physical education into an emerging trend right now, Chennai has been leading it since forever. It introduced physical education as official schooling in 1920 at YMCA college. 

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4. Clover Leaf shaped flyovers are a moon to city infrastructure. Chennai came up with the largest one in Asia. This is widely known as The Kathipura Flyover.

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