10 Things You Should Know About Crowley AKA Mark Sheppard

10 Things You Should Know About Crowley AKA Mark Sheppard

Since his introduction in season 5, Mark Sheppard’ Crowley has been transformed into a loving fan-favorite character. He was first presented as a crossroads demon who had gotten the Colt. Shockingly, he transformed into a provisional partner, an ally for the Winchesters in the battle against the devil ‘Lucifer’ and has had an on-off antagonistic relationship with the Winchesters since. After playing a recurring role in five seasons, he became a regular character since season 10. However the character was let go in the finale of the season 13, Crowley sacrificed his life so that the ritual can be completed and boys can escape the alternate universe, with Lucifer remain trapped in it, thus getting his revenge. Let’s hope we might see the character again in future because it’s Supernatural.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things You Should Know About Supernatural’s Crowley AKA Mark Sheppard

1. An introduction of Mark Sheppard.

2. Mark is best known for his memorable role of the ‘King of Hell’ Crowley on Supernatural. Sadly the character was let go in the finale season 13. Let’s hope he makes his return someday. Never say never.

3. The couple separated and divorced in 2014.

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4. He met his second wife at a Supernatural Convention. The couple had their first child, a baby girl in March 2016.

5. He’s not just a great actor, but a very talented musician too. Check him out on YouTube.

6. Interesting.

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7. He has acted in films too.

8. Have you seen him in Doctor Who?

9. I didn’t know that!

10. I bet you definitely didn’t know that.

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