10 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Virat Kohli

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. Virat Kohli. This name needs no introduction. From being a just another batsman to heading the team, he proved he is the master blaster for the generation.

Virat is a fire in human form. Take it on his looks or his innings, you have no competition against. Virat started his career quite a while ago! yet, there are certain facts about him still unknown to many.

Here are ten unknown facts about VIRAT that weren’t as importantly covered by the tellers!

1. Nick Name

His nickname Cheeku isn’t by his parents. This was given to him at the time of Delhi Ranji Team. His coach Ajit Chaudhary had this name for him.

10 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Virat Kohli

2. First Crush

Though he found his soulmate in Anushka Sharma, his first choice was someone else. Karishma Kapoor was his first crush in the film industry.

3. World Cup Record

He was the opener in his debut world cup and managed to have lot many records on his name.  India also won the cup back then.

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4. Favorite Dish

Don’t remember the boy munching on healthy snack packets, his favorite food is so full of calories. He loves Mutton biryani and kheer. His mum is his favorite chef.

5. Oh, His looks!

No doubt Virat is the heartbeat of all Indian and some international ladies, But it does not end here. He won a spot in worlds 10 best-dressed men list.

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