10 Unknown And Amazing Facts About Virat Kohli

6. Ah! That love tale

Virat has been dating Anushka since a while. Now as there married and it’s been almost a year, he still takes pride in Anushka. He misses no chance to make her feel special.

7. Goodwill

He stands 13th in the list of “most marketable sports players”. The list was released in 2012 by SportsPro.

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8. Strong Heart

Virat heard his father’s demise while he was on for a tournament. He still played the match and secured 90runs. That had him his first record.

9. Run Machine

Its easier to count the stars then counting his runs. Virat has held many records over his centuries and has an ever-changing run record.

10. The Pride

Well, he is a pride for the nation. He was honored the Arjuna Award in 2013. The president Pranab Mukherji happily escorted the trophy.

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