10 Harry Potter Facts That You Might Not Know Before

Regardless of which kind of Harry Potter fan you are whether you read the books or not. It goes without saying that Harry Potter universe is quite possibly is one of the most intriguing and well written franchise ever written. And with such a vast universe, comes a vast source of information. We dug deep into the interweb to come up with 10 interesting Harry Potter facts that you didn’t know. Even the most dedicated, hardcore Harry Potter fan will learn a thing or two after reading this article. You don’t think so? Then let’s put that knowledge to test! Let’s gets started.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Harry Potter Facts That You Might Not Know Before!

1. Thank God JK Rowling changed those names!

2. No wonder why Fred And George were the comedy kings, making everyone laugh, and bringing the fun even in the most tensed up situations.

3. Sirius Black’s death was really heartbreaking, he was the only family Harry had.

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4. Harry Potter, he was destorying horcruxes before he knew they were horcruxes.

5. Luna taught us that there’s nothing wrong in being yourself, in being different from the others.


6. That’s amazing.

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7. Hmmm this is interesting. I didn’t know that!

8. He was the dark knight. The sacrifices he made simply makes him a hero. 

9. Two of the most powerful wizards in Harry Potter universe. Albus Dumbledore was also the wizard who defeated Grindelwald in a three hour long duel and won the elder wand.

10 Harry Potter Facts That You Might Not Know Before

10. And Voldemort thought he could run forever from his death.

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