10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Kangana Ranaut

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Kangana Ranaut the Queen of Bollywood. Kangana has made fame for herself. She never needed a khan or even a Male to help her give a hit shot. The journey was never too easy for this Himachal girl. After much criticism and rejections, she finally raised to a step many dreams of.

Here we bring ten Unknown facts about the Himachal girl Kangana that you never knew!

10. Learned Horse Riding In Germany

Did you check out the trailer of MANIKARNIKA? It is Kangana’s upcoming project. To add a touch of perfection, she especially learned horse riding in Germany. All The Best Babe!

10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Kangana Ranaut

9. Replaced Priyanka For Women Of The Year

Kangana is the youngest lady to get the award. But very few know the award was originally for Priyanka. PC was busy with her shoot and hence couldn’t attend the award night. Kangana was the second most worthy name.

8. Dirty Secret

Well, not dirty that way but just unhygienic. Kangana hated showers and skipped them often. When she studied about Vivekananda she understood the importance of hygiene and started maintaining cleanliness around.

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7. The DDLJ Love

Her most Favorite movie on all time is DDLJ. She watched it when she was 8. She couldn’t manage to sit till the end, but the track “Na Jaane mere” never left her mind.

6. OOPs! Zero?

Kangana wished to replace Katrina for zero. Rai did give a thought to it but SRK and Katrina seemed a better pair. Better luck next time girl!

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