10 Unknown Things About The Richest Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar

10 Unknown Things About The Richest Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. He might be one of the most famous gangsters of all time, but he is also a fascinating figure. In this article we have compiled a list of 9 facts about Pablo Escobar you might not know. Born on 1 December, 1949, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug lord and a drug trafficker, often called ‘The King of Cocaine’. He was the wealthiest criminal in history on the streets of Madellin. Pablo started his criminal career in his early teens.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Unknown Things About The Richest Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar!

9. Pablo Ecobar Became A Millionaire By The Age Of 22!

10 Unknown Things About The Richest Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar

His ambition for power and wealth followed him since his early years. In the beginning he was usually doing crimes like theft, trafficking marijuana and stealing cars. When he was around 20 years old, he kidnapped an executive from his own city of Medellin. To let him free he asked a ransom of $100,000 which converted to today’s value would be six hundred thousand dollars. All of this made Pablo a millionaire by the time he was 22 years old.

8. He Killed A Lot Of People To Be On The Top


Pablo knew that there was only one way to the top, and he took the chance. When he was 26 years old he tried to make a deal with Medellin syndicate leader Fabio Restrepo, a deal that involved kilos of cocaine. But because he was viewed nearly as petty street criminal the deal failed and Escobar killed Restrepo. After killing him he informed his workers that now they are working for him. Effectively taking charge and beginning his ascension to be the boss of the cartel.

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7. If He Couldn’t Bribe You, He’d Kill You!

Escobar made a lot of friends on police force mostly by paying them, so they would turn a blind eye to his illegal operations. But obviously not everyone took the bribe, resulting on his famous saying ‘Plata O Plomo’ meaning take the bribe or be killed. This resulted on thousands of deaths, including the famous bombing of plane on flight 203, which killed 107 innocent people. It is believed that Pablo Escobar is responsible for 4000 to 5000 deaths in total.

6. Pilots Could Earn As Much As $500,000 Per Flight!

Before Escobar hired pilots to work for him, he would fly personally to United States with small planes, smuggling cocaine hidden in tires. However once his business became bigger, he started to employ professional pilots who would transport tons of cocaine for him. There was cases where they would fly as much as times on one flight and depending on how much cocaine pilot was able to smuggle across, he could make up to $500,000 per flight.


5. He Was Insanely Rich!

He was incredibly rich, as in officially recognized as the seventh richest men in the world by Forbes magazine. Pablo’s brother states that in the cartels, they would spend thousands of dollars per week, to buy rubber bands, just to tie their stacks of cash. In his heights, he was supplying 80% of United States cocaine and by the 90s he was officially worth 30 billion dollars. Once he burned two million dollars, in order to keep his family warm.

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4. He Was Involved In Politics To Fight Extradition To United States!

In year 1982, Pablo was elected as member of the chamber of Representatives while he still was running his drug empire. As a members of Colombian Liberal Party, he was trying to gain influence in order to stop extradition deals between United States and Colombian government.

3. He Helped The Poor!

During his time, he was considered like modern day Robin Hood. Pablo Escobar, a lot of this money gave to the poor by doing so he gain sympathy around the population of his city. In fact there’s a neighborhood in Medllin that still holds his name. Also he was popular for his contributions to the city which included sponsoring local football teams and building sports complexes, schools and churches for the poor.

2. He Was The Reason Why Columbia Was Being Called ‘THE CAPITAL OF MURDER’.

Wars that raged between cartels during this time, let Columbia to become the murder capital of the world in the early 90s. In fact the country suffered over 27,000 violent deaths in 1992 alone, which equals to 74 murders a day. Yet in the end because of his enormous influence and power, his punishment for all of these murders was a personally designed jail which included a waterfall, a bar, jacuzzi and a personal football field.

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1. The End Of Pablo Escobar.


In 1992, a vigilante group calling themselves, Los Pepes, emerged burning down Escobar’s compounds and killing family members. U.S. intelligence agencies began working with Colombian forces and through radio triangulation technology they were able to locate Escobar in Medllin which ultimately resulted in a shootout across rooftops in 1993. While Escobar was fatally shoot, it is still disputed to this day whether the bullet came from the authorities or whether he pulled the trigger himself.

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