10 Upcoming Movies Featuring Game of Thrones Actors

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Game of thrones may have ended but the actors in the show became way more popular and various prospects lay ahead of them. After the show many signed various kinds of movies and you will surely watch them soon on the big screen. So be ready to see your favorite faces again.

So take a look down below at the list of 10 upcoming movies that will feature your favorite Game of Thrones actors!

1. Sophie Turner


Recently her movie X-Men Dark Phoenix released worldwide and is gaining lot of attention and running successfully. Sophie is playing the  lead role of Jean Grey in the film.

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2. Maisie Williams

It seems that the Starks are on a roll because after Sophie, Maisie will also be seen in a Marvel movie. She’s part of the film “The New Mutants” and will play the role of a teenage mutant. This film may release by 3rd August 2019.

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