10 Useless Inventions of All The Time!

Hey people. Welcome Back to Humor Nation. We have known so many inventions till date, which have made our lives easier and more comfortable. But, as we know this world is a symmetry. For every good, we have equal amount of bad. This is what we have jotted down for you. This article is about useless inventions.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Useless Inventions of All The Time!

1. The Parachute Jacket

In 1900, people were highly obsessed with flying objects. This obsession was on heights for a German inventor, Franz Reichelt. He made a parachute jacket. He tried to test this parachute he jumped from Eiffel tower. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and Franz died.

2. Nintendo Virtual Boy

In 1995, a virtual play station named Nintendo virtual boy was invented. It promised a whole new level of gaming. But, it turned out to be a huge failure. It offered very low resolution. The graphics were portrayed with red and black lights. It also made user to sit in an uncomfortable position. All these made this device a real dud. It was pulled back in less than a year. However, the virtual game devices we have now are worth spending money on.

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3. Electric Facial Mask

By the name only, this device horrifies people. Although, this mask was advertised as: whoever uses this would have a toned and young skin. However, whoever wore this looked like a villain. Hence, this didn’t worked out for good.

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