10 Viral Internet Trends That Ended Many Lives!

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. The Internet is the life of the universe today. A day without the net is a lifeless stretch to passing hours. And this makes it a clear fact of how easy it is to spread anything in the virtual world.

We saw many trends in the recent times that acquired the Internet like a forest fire. Many of them were wild and life-threatening and was blindly followed by the youth.

Mentioned below are some viral Internet trends that took over the Internet in no time. The causes were horrible though!

10. MOMO

Momo was a game that took over the net recently. It had a list of unavoidable tasks that were horrific. The hacker caught his pray via circulating a link.

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9. Blue Whale

The blue whale was no different than MOMO. This also was a link that penetrated the net. The person behind the game blackmailed people to perform life threating tasks which ended up to deaths.

8. The Kiki Challenge

This challenge took over Instagram. It was a song which was to be performed dancing in pace with a moving car. Youth blindly followed the challenge and many died due to accidents.

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7. Pokemon Go

This was a game which made people wander in search of pokemon. People went to various unsafe and lonely places bonded to the game’s addiction. Also, they banged to objects and hurt themselves during the search.

6. Planking

Every one of us knows the plank exercise. The task here was to plank in typical locations. People took it far more seriously and found extremely crazy locations. This craze changed the fun task to a life threat.

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