10 Ways To Travel The World On A Low Budget

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. ” If traveling was free, you’d never see me again”, I wish it could be true.There are millions of people in the world who have the whole idea of traveling the world, places far or near and want to explore every bit of it. But, we can’t do all of it as it takes money to travel. But if you want to travel places then you have to find affordable ways to do it.

So Let’s Check Out The 10 Ways To Travel The World On A Low Budget

1. Choose the Right Location to Travel

10 Ways To Travel The World On A Low Budget

One of the easiest ways to save money on traveling is to choose the right location for your journey. You should keep in mind before that there are certain places in the world that are less expensive to travel than others.

2. Look for discounts while booking accommodations

Unfortunately, we cheap travelers cannot afford to accommodate ourselves in 5-star hotel or any other luxurious place, but instead we can get a decent hotel or lodge at a certain discount for staying. But make sure you do advance bookings to get a cheaper rate.

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3. Choose your method of transportation

Firstly, compare the costs of all kinds of transportation and then choose the most affordable one from them.In most cases bus or train has proved to be  very economical as compared to other means.

4. Buy Local Food

While traveling food tends to be one of the most expensive aspects about a trip. Rather than buying expensive food from big restaurants you should try buying food from local vendors as they serve decent meals at fair prices.


5. Pack Light

You don’t really need to take half of your wardrobe for your journey. According to experience you never wear more than half of your clothes you take with you and people charge more money to carry bulky luggage. So, pack light as it’s more comfortable.

6. Control your inner shopaholic

Shopping from places outside is more expensive than you think. Tourist can’t resist themselves from doing shopping, so you should try to buy less and try to make the best deal out of it. You may be able to explore more in this way.

7. Walk More

Taking a bus or taxi for traveling tends to be more expensive than you think. So, you should try to leave your comfort zone and walk as much as you can to explore the city you’re traveling in.

8. Go in Groups

If some of your friends or family members are planning trips then think about making it a joint effort, it helps in funding for further journey.There are also various kinds of discount for group travelers consisting of 6-10 members.

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9. Buy return ticket in advance

The worst thing which can happen while traveling is getting stuck at an unknown place with  no or less money. So, always make sure to buy your return ticket in advance to avoid any misfortune.

10. Travel off-season

This is something every traveler is familiar with. To travel during the off season because then you can find everything at much affordable rates. So, whether its cab fair, train fair or room rent, if you’re traveling during off-season you’ll spend less.

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