10 Popular Websites That Are Banned In Various Countries

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor NationThe Internet is something we are all dependent upon. Can you imagine your life without social media apps like Instagram, telegram, and youtube? Well, these sites are banned in some nations.

These are the nations that have banned some popular sites. Think twice before you plan to visit them! 

10. Wikipedia – Turkey

The popular site Wikipedia faces a ban in Turkey. The site uploaded two articles that showed Turkey supporting terrorism. When it refused to delete them the country banned the site.

10 Popular Websites That Banned In Various Countries

9. Jw.org – Russia

Russians say the side was spreading extreme hate speech. To maintain peace and good works in the nation they decided to ban the site.

8. Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram and Facetime – UAE, Qatar Ans Saudi Arabia

These bans in middle eastern countries are to limit the freedom of speech. Also, the government wants the residents to use the government telecom services so that the money stays within the nations.

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7. Vimeo – Indonesia

The site had videos of some naked and less dressed women. Thus the nation dropped a ban on the site. They also had some educational videos but the nation has nothing to do with it.

6. Telegram And Instagram – Iran

Iran banned these sites for a short time period. The addicted users called an anti-government protest which forced the government to lift up the ban.

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