10 Weird And Surprising Facts About Oman

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Oman is a rich country that is situated on the Arabian Peninsula on the Arabian Sea, Muscat is Oman’s capital and people in this country speak the Arabic language. People over here widely follow Islam religion and over 4.45 million people live here. Apart from these things, today we’ll discuss some amazing facts of Oman that you weren’t aware of till now, so let’s start!

So here are the 10 amazing facts of Oman that you didn’t know till now!

1. No Coca-Cola

10 Amazing Facts About Oman

In Oman, you cannot find any Coca-Cola product as it is not available anywhere in that country, but as an alternative, you can surely find Pepsi.

2. Liquor license issue

10 Amazing Facts About Oman

In order to buy alcohol in Oman, you need to issue a liquor license from the police there and the value of permit is determined by the earning of the individual and it is usually issued on 10% of the salary.

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3. Dates and Coffee

In Oman, people drink of the coffee in 100 little sips and each is served separately. But in Oman coffee is always served with dates and it is just done to please the guests.

4. Saturday+Sunday is not a weekend

Saturday and Sunday are not considered as a weekend in Oman, but Thursday and Friday surely are considered one. It is said that now from Thursday to Friday, it will change to Friday and Saturday as the weekend.

5. Souq

Women-only souq takes places in Oman every Wednesday and in this only women sell everything in the market and to women buyers.

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