10 Weirdest And Interesting Japanese Food That You Should Try

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Japan is one of the developed countries across the globe. This country is known for its mind-blowing innovations and for the weirdest things they do. One of the most famous and weirdest parts of Japan is its food. Japanese food is certainly delicious but there are lots of dishes that made up of weirdest things you can’t even imagine.

So here are some interesting and weirdest Facts about Japanese Food!!

1. Natto

Natto is Japan’s traditional food. And Natto is extremely healthy food but it is weirdest too and is quite difficult to eat because it is made up of rotten beans. Many Japanese people like to eat it with every meal but the non-Japanese people will definitely hate it because of its sticky texture and the fermented awful smell.

2. Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cupcake. Its filling is made up of red bean paste and the other fillings are made up of custard, chocolate, cheese or sweet potato. Its name is given on the name of Japanese Fish Tai.

3. Fugu

Fugu is one of the most poisonous fish due to tetrodotoxin, it must be prepared carefully to remove the toxic parts. For the preparation of this food, one has to pass different exams and a 3 year of training program.

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4. Shirako

Shirako is one of the weirdest dishes, made up of fish’s reproductive parts. This dish is revered for its rich and velvety texture and it is a bit more difficult to harvest.

5. Tuna Eyeballs

Tuna eyeballs are big fish eyes available in the Japanese market. In the early time, it is not used as a food but in Japan, from the 90’s it is served as a food and in many bars you can taste the tuna eyes already cooked, fried, stewed or slightly steamed.

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