10 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Japanese Game Shows are known for their weirdness, bizarre nature, and for being off the limits. These game shows often put the participating contestants in staggeringly humiliating situations. They can be funny, they can be brutally disgusting, these game shows embrace weirdness to the full extent.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist!

10. AKBingo

10 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist

It is a famous Japanese game group in which the members of girl group AKB48 playing the dodgeball. Now that sounds exciting, but truly it isn’t! Because whoever gets hit by the ball has to pay a penalty which surely isn’t pleasant. The comedy duo ‘Bad Boys’ decide the penalties for the girls, and the penalties are very very gross. For example take a look at the picture, the two girls who were hit with the ball has to face the penalty, they have to blow a huge insect through a tube and the release ends up in the mouth of the loser YUCK! So you get an idea how the punishments are funny and disgusting at the same time.

9. Sokkuri Sweets

The meaning of the word ‘Sokkuri’ in Japanese is ‘look-alike’. In this game, the contestants have to bite into everyday objects and items, the contestants believe that these items are made up of cake, but that’s not always the case. The host of the show can hand the contestant a doorknob, a shoe, you know anything you can think of. If the contestant makes the right choice then he gets to taste the sweetness of cake, if they don’t…well then you get a long lasting good taste of everyday objects in your mouth.

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8. Tore!

This is a very scary and a very bizarre game show. The game is pretty simple, you’re asked seven questions on a specific subject or topic, you are given 30 seconds to answer the questions. And to get to the questions, you need to make it up a wall that inclines more and more as you go up, and then you’re completely mummified, you’re dumped into a coffin.

7. Let’s Go To The End Of The World!

Nippon Television Corporation Network created this game show, it is known as ‘Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!’ in Japanese. The contestants who play the game are sent across the world to meet different people and to have some strange encounters. For example in this picture, Ayako Imoto who is wearing a sailor suit school uniform and have thick painted eyebrows was tasked to confront the wildlife. She’s put in a Plexiglas predator box and she’s being attacked by a wild grizzly bear WOW!

6. Dero

You might have seen numerous American Shows where music plays in the background while you’re asked to answer the question and if you don’t answer, you lose. This Japanese game show uses the same concept, however it’s much more scary.  In this the contestants are asked questions while the planks beneath them start to retract. They stand above a bottomless pit, the contestants have to answer the questions while their room starts filling up with water. So the contestants have to answer the think of the answers under some very scary circumstances.


5. A Life Out Of Prizes By Denpa Shonen

This game show features the famous comedian ‘Nasubi’. For the game, he was challenged to stay alone, unclothed, locked in an apartment. He was cut from the outside communication and the only way he could get the stuff he needed was from the sweepstakes, magazine contests. Nasubi was filmed all the time, he won one million yen through the sweepstakes. After he won the money, the producers took him to South Korea, and locked him in second apartment, and was challenged to enter the sweepstakes again to earn airfare money to return home.

4. Spread Your Legs

One of the most strangest game shows ever created! The game features three girls, one girl has the job of spinning a while, one girl sits in a torture device which looks pretty terrifying, and one girl operates the torture device. The girl spins the wheel and then the wheel number decides how far apart the legs of the girl sitting in the torture would be spread. The girl manipulating the device then operates the machine to spread the girl’s legs.

3. Gaki No Tsukai

This is no task for kids is the English translation of this game. In this game, the contestants have survive an entire week of funny jokes and hilarious pranks, but they are required to not laugh. Because if they do, they are punished!

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2. Escape A Fart

This is a very bizarre game show, the objective of the show is quit the opposite to the game’s title. The contestant has to spread his farts around to everyone present in the area. As you can see, the farts are dyed yellow, the contestants have to wave their arms in creative ways to spread the fart around all areas in the room.

1. That Bum Game

The original name of this game is unknown. In this game, the girls are required to stand in front of a drawing body, they have to stick their bum out of the hole of the drawing body. The contestants are then asked to figure out which bum belongs to which girl. It’s such a strange game, but then again it’s a Japanese game.

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