10 Weirdest Things Found Inside Human Body!

Hey ya people! Welcome back to your favourite online content provider Humor Nation. What is your favourite food? Maybe anything but a truck or forks or eel. Today, we have a list of weird things that are found inside human bodies. Somethings accidentally got there and other times are swallowed. Something doesn’t even have explanation about how they got inside of the body.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weirdest Things Found Inside Human Body!

1. High Pressure Air Hose.

In New Zealand, a truck driver slipped and fell onto a brass valve, that was connected to the compressed air supply machine. The nozzle pierced his left buttock and air rush into his body. He became twice the size of his original size. Doctors said, the air-filled his abdominal and chest area, compressing his heart. He was punctured and saved.

2. Motorcycle Handlebars 

A man was driving on a highway with his girlfriend sitting at the back. All of a sudden he crashed, the handle bars peeled brian’s stomach. Although his girlfriend has only a scratch at knee. Brian was so terrified that he will die, so he took out ring from his pocket, even being in that situation and proposed her. She said yes.

3. A Lightbulb

Mohammed was serving a four-year sentence for illegally making liquor and one day he felt pain in his stomach. He was taken to the hospital when doctors discovered that he have a light bulb (unbroken) in his abdomen. The reason of how it get there is still unknown to the man and us, but the surgery was successful and the bulb was taken out.

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4. A Microphone Stand

A pregnant women got a microphone stand stuck in her butt. Jessie Wickham become dizzy and she fell down through the stairs. She crashed through the banister, and impaled herself on a microphone stand. This Microphone enter her chest just missing her child. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors saved her and her child’s life.

10 Weirdest Things Found Inside Human Body!

5. 10 Pound Hairball

The woman had a habit of eating her own hair. On one fine day, she was found complaining of pain in her stomach. She lost weight and this happened till 5 months. She didn’t went to see a doctor. Then she finally went to the hospital doctors performed a X-ray which revealed this hairy situation she was in. However, doctors were unable to remove it. What a habit? Woahhh!

6. Concrete

There was a man who had concrete removed from his anus. This was a 20-year-old male, and he arrived in the ER with his colon stuffed full of hardened concrete. He later, admitted that one of his friend poured concrete in his anus. weird though. Also, when doctors performed surgery to relieve him, they also found a ping-pong ball. He said that his another best friend does this. What kind of best friend does that? Be sure about your friends guys.

7. An Eel

In China, a man had admitted that he had been out with his friend. He was drunk and passed out. Then, his friend decided to put an Eel in his anus. Eal was alive, and it is really sad to announce that 10 days after the event, the man passed away.

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8. Cutlery

A woman had 78 pieces of cutlery removed from her body. She had a disease called pica , which made her crave for non-food items. She used to eat forks and other cutlery of her house. After, doctors help, she recovered and currently working on her condition to get better.

9. Live Pea Plant

A man was shocked when he discovered a live pea plant growing inside his body. Doctors told the man that they found this in his lungs. They performed biopsy to learn more about it. After some research, the doctors were amazed to find a pea plant actually growing inside a man’s body. Doctors were able to remove it.

10. An Unexploded Bomb

This is crazy guys. In 2011, a man in the army was on his routine mission. All of a sudden he was attacked by bunch of grenades. Somehow, one of the grenade lost in his abdomen. He was not only in excruciating pain, he also had to wait like hours for helicopter. No one could be around him because this thing could have exploded any time. Military had a rule of not saving a person who dangers other people’s life, but they took a stand for him and decided to save his life. Luckily, bomb didn’t exploded and surgeons were able to remove it safely out of his abdomen.

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