10 Wild Fascinating Details Behind The Making Of The Vampire Diaries

3. Cast was arrested

Candice King, Nina Dobrev, Krystal Vayda, Kayla Ewell, and Sara Canning were arrested by the police due to disorderly conduct. They were actually doing a shoot near a bridge and were stopping and showing themselves to the drivers and the policemen misunderstood the situation and arrested them. They were released after paying $1000 by each person.

4. Ian and Paul refused to do a spinoff

People really hoped to see the two in the spinoff shows but the two had already said no to appearing in any spinoffs as they loved their character on Vampire Diaries and were not interested in playing small parts in those shows.

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5. Nina Dobrev wanted to leave the show early

Nina wanted to leave the show much earlier as she wanted some break from the show. But eventually, she left after the sixth season and came back during the last episode of season 8.

6. Ian used to be rude to his fans

Though Ian claimed many times that he loves his fans, but when in Paris he met some fans, he just banished them and gave them a speech about how he wanted to be alone and his fans got really disappointed on his rude behavior. Such behavior from Ian happened many times.

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