10 Wild Fascinating Details Behind The Making Of The Vampire Diaries

7. Ashlee Simpson almost played Elena

Before Nina Dobrev, Ashlee Simpson was the makers choice of playing Elena’s role but she backed out and Nina got finalized for the role. Thank God! because we can’t imagine anyone else playing Elena.

8. Zach Roerig went through real battle off-screen

Vampire Diaries unknown facts

We have seen Matt in various problems during the show, but his real life was also full of problems and battles. He had a two-year-old daughter with his ex-girlfriend who was arrested on multiple crimes. He then had to fight every day to get his daughter’s custody which he got after a lot of time.

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9. Paul Wesley auditioned for Damon’s role

Vampire Diaries unknown facts

Paul Wesley was actually called for Damon’s audition but he got Stefan’s role instead. We thank the makers for doing so because no one except Paul could have been a better choice for Stefan.

10. Salvatore could have become Whitmore

Vampire Diaries unknown facts

Imagine Stefan Whitmore and Damon Whitmore, it doesn’t even sound good. Salvatore has a different significance and goes better with their personalities.

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