10 Witty Tricks Students Did To Pass Exams!

cheating tricks in exams

Hello folks! We have been receiving a lot of love from you all. We are sincerely obliged to have such readers with us. Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every one of us have been a students once. The most haunting days of students are the days of exams. We did everything that could help pass us. But, here are some things which you and I might never thought off. Some students to managed to cheat into exams very cleverly. This will leave you shocked as well as with more ideas to cheat into exams ahead.

So, Let us look at 10 witty tricks students did to pass their exams:

1. No Shower

This might leave you, awestruck but it’s true. In South Korea, students believe that if you take shower in exam time, every knowledge you have will flow away. So every student practice to not take shower there. Weird, but it still continues in South Korea. They does not care about bad hygiene. All they care about is to pass exams.

2. Calculator Hacking

Basically, in maths exam students tend to  bring calculators for complex computations. Though there is a rule of checking and deleting any previous data stored into by exam invigilators. This is possible through smart calculators like TI-83. In this age if information and technology, students have figured out hacking algorithms and programs to restore lost data or deleted data. Nice idea, isn’t it? I would surely advice IT people to use this and clear tougher exams.

3. Fake Examinee

In 2011, at long island New York a very ingenious cheating scandal was discovered. The senior students were discovered taking SAT’s in place of juniors. Minors were found taking money through this. They used fake Ids to enter the exam centre or exam hall. They were caught, though. 1 minor and six adults were arrested and put to jail.

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4. UV Pen

This was another clever trick students used to clear the exams. There emerged a device known as UV pen which helped students to do cheating. The ink of the pen is made up of some chemical which is invisible in regular light. Students wrote the answers on their belongings and bought it to exam venue. The answers were only visible through UV light. The pen also had a torch of UV light. This helped students to clear exams.

5. Fixed in the trap

A student in St. Louis Missouri really struggled with studies and feared failing in exams. She asked her 49-year-old professor to help her and then she agreed to visit his home. They both ended up making out and most obviously she got an A. Thereafter, this made professor demand this from her every time, otherwise he would fail her. She was fixed in her own trap.

6. Tampons and Pencils

Just because mobile phones and other things aren’t allowed in exam hall. Some women students devised a new way to cheat that is writing on tampons and rolling them to their pencils. Some women used this and use to see answers when teacher wasn’t looking. Tampons are allowed in exam hall and this led to a new way of cheating.

7. Ging Gou or Superpass

This is a series of activities which happen in Hong Kong and China. Students participate in these activities because these activities assures them good result. Students are asked to have food in a Chinese restaurant. This dish is made u of pork cubes and cashews.  Cashews are considered important because in China it sounds like ‘wish to pass’. Then, each students gets a turn to slice a roasted pig into half. The students which successfully did this is believed to pass in the exams. Finally, they will be asked to eat Kiwis, because this is  sound as ‘easy to pass exams’ in China.

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8. Cameraic Eyes

It is not like the eyes have camera, but the spectacles students wore had the camera. They used to take pictures of question paper and mail them to unknown person through smart watches. Then, the person would search all the answers and send the answers back. This trick got revealed because some students forgot to silent their watched before entering the exam halls.

9. Visa Issue

In 2015, the U.S. department invented after 15 Chinese individual students took exams such as the SATS and the test of English as a foreign language while posing as other Chinese individuals still in China. Each students student was discovered to be paid $6000, and sent false passports with the names of the other students in China and their photos. The reason was that the students in China wanted to go to college in USA and get a visa. This event took place between 2011 to 2015. Later, this academic issue became immigration issue.

10. Boycott

Peter Frohlich was a professor at John Hopkins University and he was famous for grading on a curve. Whatever student got the highest score would be considered a A and so and so  forth.  At the exam time, students of Peter decided to boycott the final exam, so that the highest score would be zero. And the miracle did happened., everybody passed the exam with A. What an Idea! That’s weird but true. Witty students can do anything to pass exams.

10 Witty Things Students Did To Pass Exams!

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