10 Worse Kinds Of Execution Methods For Capital Punishment

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nowadays giving death penalty is the ultimate punishment for a crime committed, but during ancient period everyday people used to get executed on a large scale and it was very common at that time. But they followed different criteria to execute the person found guilty for his actions. Today we’re going to know about it, so let’s start.

So here are those 10 ancient methods that were followed by different people for capital punishment!

1. Lingchi

10 Kinds Of Ancient Methods For Capital Punishment

Lingchi means slow slicing and in this method, various cuts are made on the convict’s body and are made to die due to excessive blood loss. It is said that once 3000 cuts were made on a person’s body and he died within 15 mins due to pain and blood loss.

2. Sawing

This method was earlier followed in Europe and the convict used to get hung upside down and then slowing he used to get sawed from between and due to excessive blood loss and flow towards brain made them suffer and then ultimately they used to die.

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3. Execution by Elephant

This method was used in India during the medieval period and under this method, the elephants used to get specially trained to crush the victim so that they die while suffering. The elephants were taught to crush the limbs of the person so that the blow gets towards the head which would make them more suffering.

4. Hanging, drawing, and quartering

This punishment was given to that man who had committed a serious and in this method first the convict would get tied to a horse and then pulled to a distance and then he would get hanged but they would make sure that his neck doesn’t break and then cut down his genitals and rip out every organ in his body and then his body would get divided into four parts.

5. Gibbeting

This method was very famous in Scotland back then and in this method, the body of the convict after execution would get displayed in public areas hung by a chain so that no one dares to commit a crime again.

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