10 Worst Babysitters Of All Time

Welcome to Humor Nation and today we’re going to be looking at the worst babysitter’s of all time. We all know the Hollywood stereotype of a bad babysitter; very irresponsible and don’t seem to care too much about who they’re babysitting’s. Well these babysitter’s are all of the above and worse. Get ready for your jaw to drop when you hear about these bad babysitters!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Worst Babysitters Of All Time

1. Marquita Burch

10 Worst Babysitters Of All Time

We are kicking this list off with one terrible babysitter. In 2012, when William Cunningham was one years old his mother was busy so got Marquita Burch to babysit. He was being looked after by her for a few weeks, but on the first Friday of March Edith babysitting William went missing. At first Marquita said he’d simply ran off when they were in the park, everyone began looking. While police quizzed Marquita about her story which had a few inconsistencies. After a while she confessed the one-year-old was no longer alive, William was found stuffed inside a closet inside Marquita’s cousin’s house. Then She said she’d seen the baby lying at the bottom of the stairs unresponsive, but alive. She then panicked and instead of calling put him in a trash bag and hit him. She was sentenced to 19 years for what she did but she never explains the entire truth and to this day police are still scratching their heads over.

2. William Howard Lail

One night William Howard Leila’s girlfriend’s left her two children with him to babysit. Early on in the night a neighbor saw him run out of the house with one of the kids called Jaden’s body he then ran back inside and moved Jaden sister Kylie to another neighbor Tao. Paramedics rushed to the scene and found scald marks on their arms legs and head it was too late to save Jaden, but Kylie was okay after treatment and William was sentenced to life for what he did to both Jaden and Kylie.

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3. Elzbieta Plackowska

In 2012, this woman was looking after her friend’s five-year-old daughter named Olivia and at the same time she was also taking care of her own seven-year-old boy named Justin. After a little while in the night, she struck Justin fifty times with a knife taking his life after that she struck Olivia with it a hundred times also taking her life. She claimed to believe that first that an intruder broke and she was totally innocent, but then admitted she thought they were possessed by a devil a while after that she said she was tired of the evils of modern society, but whatever the truth was this is one terrible babysitter.


4. Gabriela Gonzales

This 25 years old was taken to the US illegally and soon fell in with a bad crowd, but after seven years she managed to move in as a housemaid with a family in Virginia In 2011, the woman she worked for went to Maryland on business so Gabriela was put in charge of babysitting. The woman’s two-year-old daughter named Kyrie enjoyed being babysat by Gabriela at first, but a few days into the babysitting job Kyrie developed a bad rash and wouldn’t stop crying that was when Gabriela shook the baby and hit her head on a bathtub. Kyrie passed away at age two and as a result insists Gabriela was sentenced to 20 years behind bars and Gabriela actually has her own son. She’s now banned from seeing ever again.

5. Agnes Wong

In 2007, this woman was hired to look after 16 months old Hugo, but during the babysitting he was taken to a Children’s Hospital by Wong, why? Well it was found that Hugo had been swallowed by his ankles burned and bitten. But it gets crazier Hugo passed away a few days later from injuries. Wong was initially sentenced to life, but this was later reduced to two years think that’s bad. Well afterwards she was paid $1500 to move back to Malaysia meaning for tongue actually made money from her terrible crime.

6. Michael Plumadore

Aliahna Maroney-Lemmon and her two sisters mother and father weren’t in one night. Their mother wasn’t feeling well and their father works nights so they brought in Michael to babysit. It was fine at first, but then Aliahna went missing Michael said he assumed she went off for a walk but she never came back. She was missing until Christmas and that’s when the FBI got involved. They soon found out Michael had hit her in the head and caused her to lose her life. He then froze her body in a freezer for unknown reason and for this bizarre unexplained crime Michael was given life in jail without parole.

7. David Mcgreavy

This man’s babysitting earned him the nickname it’s a monster of Worcester. David had been homeless for a while so he began staying with his old friend Clive and his family. David would cook meals and babysit in exchange for staying there, but after a night of heavy drinking David returned to the house to watch the three kids while Clive and his wife went out for the night. But David soon became enraged and took the life of all three kids, he then put their bodies on display on a pointed fence for the neighbors to see. He was arrested at  3 a.m. next morning and initially denied any wrongdoing a jury however soon found him guilty and he was sentenced to years in prison. Once he was released when he hit and begged the judge to keep his identity private the judge agreed, but then changed his mind and now wherever David goes his past haunts him.

8. Karl Mccluney

This guy was just 15 when he was hired to look after a year old named Demi he was a family friend and Demi’s mom simply wanted to run some errands including buying Karl a birthday card column. Demi went to the park but when they got back home things went crazy car began biting and hurting Demi and he even shaved Jamie’s head, Demi’s mom came back to find Cole watching TV and her daughter not alive. A psychologist says Karl went crazy after a bizarre home life, but despite this Karl was sentenced to 20 years behind bars, but may be released sooner

9. Yoselyn Ortega

This 50 years old was hired by Marina Krim to take care of her 3 children. Marina took one of her kids to a swimming lesson, but when she returned she found the other two had been stabbed in the bathtub. Yoselyn then tried to do the same thing to herself poor marina called an ambulance for her kids. The ambulance arrived and surprisingly saved the Yoselyn, but couldn’t save the kids and this means that Yoselyn has to serve her time she was sentenced to life in prison.

10. Frederick Mitchell

In 2013, this 21 years old from Cincinnati was babysitting the son of one of his housemates named Elliot. It’s not known exactly what went down, but at some point in the day Frederick threw Elliot into a hole headfirst making a giant hole. Elliot was taken to hospital, but passed away days later for in Troy claims he suffers from blackouts and has no recollection of what happened. He says he’s perfectly innocent, but we’re not so sure he was charged with a million dollar bond and he’s now spending the rest of his life in prison.

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