10 Worst Episodes Of Legacies Ranked

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. As you know, Legacies is the latest spin-off of the show The Vampire Diaries and is much liked by the teens nowadays. Julie Plec is doing a wonderful job in continuing the series through its spin-offs and in this way we still are connected to it. Legacies is on the verge of ending its second season also and till now we have liked many of its episodes but have disliked some too. So let’s have a look at those episodes which failed to impress the viewers.

Take a look at the list down below to see which of the episodes in Legacies were worst according to their ranks!

1. What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams? (1×09)

10 Worst Episodes Of Legacies Ranked

This episode stressed a new monster that feeds on the worst fears of the people and as usual Hope with her group tries to fight it. This episode wasn’t much liked by the viewers was rated the least.

2. Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn (1×02)

10 Worst Episodes Of Legacies Ranked

Landon goes missing in this episode with a weapon that Malivore tries to find. Alaric, Rafael, and Hope hit the road to find him and find a new monster which turns out to be a dragon. The story of the dragon did not seem satisfying at all and viewers weren’t impressed by it.

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3. Death Keeps Knocking On My Door (1×07)

10 Worst Episodes Of Legacies Ranked

In this episode, Rafael tries to fight himself as his past comes to haunt him. Meanwhile, in the Salvatore school, things take a dark turn and Hope tries to confront it. This episode had nothing unusual in it that could leave us in suspense or anything. This episode was also not rated very well.

4. Hope Is Not The Goal (1×04)

10 Worst Episodes Of Legacies Ranked

Alaric sends MG, Hope, Landon, and Lizzie to Mystic Falls when two students go missing. Hope along with Josie and Lizzie solve it but the whole situation looked so fake and even the killing of that monster was just so easy for them.

5. Let’s Just Finish The Dance (1×14)

In this episode, the school prepares for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and everyone is excited about it. Hope wears the dress Klaus gave to Caroline and she was unaware of it. But when she knows she has a meltdown. This episode also did not get good ratings by the fans as they expected more out of it.

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