10 Worst Supernatural Finale Episodes Ranked

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural has been running for a really long time and the final season is also here. The show has run successfully for all these years that even the fans are upset that it is finally going to end. But the main part of any show is its finale episode and sometimes Supernatural has really blown it. So we have ranked some of the finale episodes from worst to best today.

So take a look at the list down below to see the top 10 worst Supernatural finale episodes!

1. Season 11 (Alpha and Omega)

10 Worst Supernatural Finale Episodes Ranked

Season 11 is considered the best season of the show but the finale was really disappointing for the viewers. They wanted more and expected more but Mary’s return in it was shortened and continued in the 12th season.

2. Season 6 (The man who knew too much)

This finale episode was very confusing as the writer’s changed the whole dynamic in it. Castiel’s character took an unexpected turn which fans felt was unnecessary.

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3. Season 9 (Do you believe in miracles)

This finale episode had some great elements but the Metatron storyline was somewhere not satisfying for the viewers. Even when Dean opens his eyes revealing that he’s turned into a demon wasn’t enough for the fans.

4. Season 7 (Survival of the fittest)

Fans were disappointed in the season’s finale episode because they thought it was boring and there was nothing memorable in it. Though Bobby died his loss wasn’t handled well.

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