10 Worst Things Ever Done By Damon Salvatore

Welcome to Humor Nation. The world of the Vampire Diaries can be quite scary where survival is the main objective and you have all sorts of supernatural beings around you. So it’s totally not surprising that all our favorite has done things which they needed to even though it goes against what they stand for now. Most of the characters on the show have at least a corpse or two in their closet. There are characters who have done the least damage and had no other option, but there’s one character who has wreaked the most havoc on TVD. His name is Damon Salvatore. Right from his debut on the show, the landscape of TVD changed completely.

Once he entered the town of Mystic Falls, everything just changed. This vampire has done many unforgiving acts, but there are things that he did which are downright horrendous.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Worst Things Ever Done By Damon Salvatore

10. Even though Damon justified his reason that killing Lexi would throw the Founder’s Council from coming after Damon and Stefan. But he robbed Stefan of his best friend by killing Lexi.

10 Worst Things Ever Done By Damon Salvatore

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9. Perhaps the most unforgiving thing that Damon Salvatore has ever done is leaving Enzo behind. He left Enzo in the fire which consumed the Augustines.

10 Worst Things Ever Done By Damon Salvatore


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