10 WWE Secrets That WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know!

8. The Past


The entire past and this time I mean anything that seems to happen in real life that affects the WWE. Hulk Hogan gone, Muhammad Hassan dead, Chris Benoit never mentioned again.

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9. Drug Use

Brock Lesnar doesn’t look like Brock Lesnar for no reason DAMN IT! He used steroids, Ultimate Warrior used steroids, Randy Orton used steroids. Eddie Guerrero used steroids. Even the goddamn hurricane used steroids, Jeff Hardy used..well Jeff Hardy used a bit of everything. Drugs have played pro wrestling for years and will continue to plague it for more years to come because just look at Ryback.

10. Life As A Professional Wrestler

Some exceptions do exist, but still being a pro-wrestler is insane work. You’re gone traveling the country and sometimes different parts of the world for over 365 days a year away from your family. You are constantly putting your body on the line in extremely dangerous situations night in and night out. Injuries, homesickness, exhaustion resorting to drug use, all this happens to almost every single professional wrestler at one point or another. It’s a damn shame that some of the best entertainers in the world will almost certainly end up wheel chair bound, overly concussed or even worse dead before they even hit 40.

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