11 Best Monsters In Supernatural That Will Give You Nightmares

11 Best Monsters In Supernatural That Will Give You Nightmares

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has been one of my favorite TV show since college I have binge watched all of this and X-Files before graduating which is super impressive if you think about it. The roaster of monsters on supernatural or a pretty great lineup of mythological beasts, creatures in ancient lore and horror stories you tell around a campfire to give your friends nightmares. Before this show got all angels and demons, it was one of the greatest monster of the week lineups around second only to X-Files.

So Let’s Take A Look At 11 Best Monsters In Supernatural That Will Give You Nightmares!

11. Shtriga

A Shtriga is a type of witch that feeds on children’s life forces so that’s fudging terrifying. Their hand prints literally rot wood when they touch it because the life force powers they absorb from the kids. Shtriga happens to strike Wisconsin every 10 to 15 years. And it’s revealed through a series of flashbacks that Sam was actually attacked by it when he was younger, but of course Dean saves him this time.

10. Vampires

These vampires aren’t the sparkly Twilight kind guys, these are the terrifying rip out your jugular with their teeth kind. The vampire is on this show are super scary because there’s almost nothing that can actually kill them. Daddy Winchester has to actually shoot one in the head with the Colt to kill it, and that only works because it’s the only weapon in the entire world capable of killing any creature. The only other thing that kind of works against vampires is dead man’s blood so as long as you’ve got a vat of that on you at all times you too can ward off Edward Cullen.

9. Doc Benton

This guy was just a regular doctor back in the 1800s, but then he discovered the science behind immortality and started going on a killing spree in order to keep his body looking fresh. He starts stealing people’s organs so humans are dying rapidly right and left. Thank God Sam and Dean are monster hunters for a living because this dude was like a one man Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Michael Swango hybrid. Turns out the daddy Winchester cut out doc Benton’s heart with a chainsaw once and that didn’t kill him so Sam and Dean decide to bury him alive after stabbing him with a poisoned dagger.

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8. Wendigo

Wendigos our super terrifying former human creatures that started off as cannibals. Eating human flesh is apparently like spinach is to Popeye and it makes them grow really fast, really strong and really hungry for people burgers. The Wendigos in the Season 1 episode kidnapped a bunch of campers and stored them underground for the coming winter.


7. Wraith

When a monster starts terrorizing a psychiatric hospital, Sam and Dean decide to check into the nut-house to investigate. They discover that the Wraith is killing patients by puncturing their brain with this long spike that pokes out of the back of its wrist, and then slurping out the contents. Wraiths are also known to alter reality, take on human form and slowly poison your brain until all of your problems start taking over and driving you insane. They’re basically a bigger emotional terrorist than every single mother-in-law in the world combined.

6. Changeling

11 Best Monsters In Supernatural That Will Give You Nightmares

Imagine waking up one morning and your kid is a total creepy monster demon! That’s what happens to the parents in a Supernatural Episode. Monsters steal these children and whisk them awake to an underground lair where the mother changeling feeds on them. The kids are replaced with changeling children who are basically the evil versions of their original counterparts. The creepiest part is that the Changelings look exactly like the children, but when you look at them in the mirror their faces are all messed up and spooky and awful.

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5. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary really stressed me out when I was a kid. I remember hearing this story for the first time and avoiding mirrors at nighttime for the next six weeks after that. Legend has it that if you say Bloody Mary’s name in the bathroom mirror three times, Bloody Mary will come and gouge your eyes out. When a bunch of little girls at a sleepover dare each other to say Bloody Mary’s name, she doesn’t actually come for one of them, but she does kill their dad. Sam and Dean discovered that her spirit is trapped in a mirror and they have to force her to confront her reflection in order to destroy her.

4. Scarecrow

A couple stops at a gas station on a road trip when their car breaks down a little further up the road they walk through a spooky field to try to find help and see a terrifying Texas Chainsaw Massacre scarecrow hanging in the center. Then they try to run back to the car, but the Scarecrow slaughters both of them. Sam and Dean go to investigate and they discover that the town needs the Scarecrow to kill people every year so that their harvest will stay strong. Yeah they’re literally slaughtering people every year for a blood sacrifice that gives them riper apples.

3. Jefferson Starships

If you couldn’t guess by their names, Dean totally came up with the name Jefferson Starships for Eve’s monster hybrid concoctions. These little babies are brutal, they’re basically all of supernatural scariest monsters gnashed until one. For example one of the monsters is a vampire with a wraith spike combination. I would not want to run into in a dark alleyway without the Winchester brothers.

2. Rugarus


Like Wendigos, Rugarus start off as human beings before their cannibalism takes over. Unlike Wendy goes however Rugarus gradually built up to eating people after a sudden intense craving for meat takes over their entire being. There’s a theory that Rugarus could potentially reverse their genetic curse, but that they’d have to swear off meat forever. The call to eat meat is extremely strong so it’s pretty unlikely that any Rugarus out there have changed their ways.

1. Rakshasa

Why are all of the kids in this episode so incredibly dumb, like I get it that they’re younger, but what kid just randomly opens their door for a creepy clown in the middle of the night. But have you seen how creepy this clown is! Why don’t you think twice before opening your living room to it. Apparently they can’t enter a home unless they’re invited so that’s why they have to prey on idiot children in order to feast on the parents for dinner. The clown actually turns out to be an ancient Hindu cannibal spirit taking on the appearance of a clown to exploit vulnerable idiots and I’m starting to realize that all my favorite supernatural monsters are also people eaters.

Those are all of my favorite monsters from Supernatural, but I want to know which ones I missed in the comments. Share this article, and keep saving people and hunting things, it’s the family business!

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