11 False Facts That Everyone Knows And Believes!

Today we will be presenting to you some of the most common and famous myths that a lot of people believe to be truth, but these myths are in fact false. It’s time to put an end to these fascinating myths that we’ve all believed to be true for a long time.

So Let’s Take A Look At 11 Completely False Myths That Need To Be Busted Right Now!

1. So don’t worry if your teeth aren’t perfectly white. They are still healthy.

2. Think of our body as a machine and the sweat glands as a cooling fan trying to keep the machine under control.

3. So you won’t catch a cold just by walking into a cold air temperature, but because of the viruses that are present in the air.

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4. Neurons keep flourishing even when you’ve reached adulthood, it’s just their growth speed slows down a bit.

5. Humans have more than 5 senses!


6. So carrots help in preventing muscle degeneration which is very vital for the body.

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7. So next time you burn yourself, follow this fact.

8. It keeps beating, it doesn’t stop.

9. The famous ten percent of the brain myth is a very popular misconception.

10. So now you know that alcohol is very bad for your health.

11. Still it would be clever to not overuse or strain your eyes in the dark or low light.

11 False Facts That Everyone Knows And Believes!

Guys! So what do you think about these false myths? I’ve been living a lie the whole time, the truth is really surprising. The so called ‘facts’ that we’ve been told all our lives are entirely wrong … but today we have put an end to these misconceptions, alluring myths, that have been passed down to us through many generations. Guys, if you enjoyed the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Follow our Facebook page Humor Nation for interesting trivia and amazing facts.
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