11 Indians With The Most Weirdest And Hilarious Names

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The parents of today are very particular and specific when it comes to choosing names for their children. The names that they would for their kids should have a meaning, a connection to their parents, and of course astrological approval. But there are some people who threw the name rule-book out of the window and decided to give their kids the weirdest names possible. Today we will be taking a look at such strange names. In this article, we won’t be covering the names that correspond to the foul words in Hindi/English language.

So Take A Look At 11 Indians With The Most Weirdest And Hilarious Names

11. Washington Sundar

He was named after PD Washington by his father as a sign of thanksgiving to his mentor.

10. Adolf Lu Hitler Marak

He is a politician who belongs to INC. His parents surely might be aware about the history, but decided to throw the history book out of the window. In an interview, he told that he is happy with his name and he doesn’t have any dictatorial tendencies. He never had any visa issues, but has been interrogated by the Immigration a lot.

9. Napoleon Einstein

11 Indians With The Most Weirdest And Hilarious Names

Napoleon Einstein is a Tamil Cricketer who has played in the IPL for the Chennai Super Kings Team. He is more popular for his name than his talented skills. He explains the story behind his unique name. His grandfather was a scientist who wrote a letter to Albert Einstein and luckily got a reply from him. And His mom teaches Physics and hence the last name Einstein. His father’s name is Napoleon.

8. Bablu Dablu Yadav

This Bihari guy actually has two first names. Yes, he is indeed a real person and not a made up name. One thing for sure, his name surely rhymes.


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