12 Dangerous Habits That Can Ruin Your Life! Beware!

Hello guys and girls, welcome back to Humor Nation. We are totally focused at making this world a better place. Today we bring to you 12 dangerous have which should strictly be avoided right now and also some good habits that should be accepted in life.

So lets take a glance on what we have for you today. 12 dangerous habits that can ruin your life.

1. What should not be taken/taken on an Empty stomach.

Do no take cold drinks on an empty stomach cause they cause irritability and acid increase in stomach, alternatively you should take oat porridge which covers the mucous membrane which protects the stomach.

Sweet products should be avoided on an empty stomach because they provoke type 2 diabetes whereas honey is a good supplement for an empty stomach. It provides energy and improves brain functioning.

Spices should be avoided because they irritate the mucous membrane and increases the production of stomach acid, while you can count on germinated wheat as it is rich in vitamin E and it also set intestine to work.

Fancy Pastries should always be avoided due to the reason that the yeast irritates the stomach lining. Instead have unleavened bread as it is best digested in morning.

Citrus fruits causes heartburn and increases the chance of developing gastritis and ulcer if taken on empty stomach, whereas taking nuts is healthy as it normalizes acidity levels and improves the work of digestive system.

I hopefully think that now you will avoid bad habits and accept new and healthy one.

2. It is harmful to wear a thong.

This kind of underwear damages the skin and the mucous membrane. Bacteria from the rectum pass along the narrow band and end up in the reproductive organs. The risk of skin developing cystitis and other illness of the urogenital system is increased. These thongs are made up of synthetics retain moisture, leading to an increase in bacteria. If you do wear a thong daily then choose a design which is made of natural material which fits you. Also try to avoid thongs in winter.

3. You should never squeeze spots.

Because there is a risk of getting an infection.The spot might even become larger and might leave a scar behind. Never squeeze spots on the Nasolabial triangle. These triangle is directly connected to brain vessels. Instead try to apply antiseptic ointment and avoid using makeup for some hours. Also if this is a big problem then just go and see a dermatologist.

4. What does an energy drink do to your body?

After 10 minutes of drink, the caffeine enters your blood and the heartbeat increases ,and your blood pressure grows. After 20 minutes, the caffeine improves your concentration, you become anxious. After 40 minutes, all of the caffeine has been absorbed by your liver and liver pumps sugar into your blood. After an Hour, the effect of caffeine fades, you feel sluggish and irritable. Regular consumption of energy drinks leads to addiction, headaches and irritability and constipation. Stop taking excessive of caffeine.

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4. Let’s now see the phrases which harm the relationship and their alternatives that you can use and it will strengthen your relationships.

If you want your relationships to work in better conditions avoid using some of these phrases and use the alternative suggested, they will really work.

Never use Do what you want, instead use let’s decide what to do together.

Do not say you never help me, say I can’t manage without you.

Never use you did that on purpose for any mistake, use I know it was an accident.

Don’t say to the other half that if you never go on diet you won’t loose weight, say losing weight is tough but I believe you will do it.

Never say say I told you that would happen, instead say next time we will try something else.

Don’t abuse by saying I don’t wan to talk to you, say let’s talk about it later.

5. Why is it dangerous to wear heels?

With flat shoes your weight is distributed evenly, but while you wear heels your weight is shifted forward and can lead to joint diseases. Heels threatens inflammation of the articular capsule. The shinbone becomes warped bending inwards. The spine becomes crooked and he pelvic bones are deformed. The high heel combined with narrow toe caps lead to deformation of the toes and to a bony overgrowth. Avoid wearing heels as much as possible, use flats and shoes most probably.

6. Why you should not bite your nails.

Nails comprises of dirt, bacteria and parasites. You get hangnails. Your smile is ruined as dirt stick to your teeth. Your nail turns into a stump. Some nail polishes contain harmful chemicals that damages your healthy lifestyle. Ultimately it’s just not attractive.


7. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health.

The leg muscles turn off.  The expenditure of energy is sharply reduced. After several hours, the blood in your veins stagnates. Your metabolism slow down. The neck and back begin to ache. And after 2-3 month you will experience Muscle atrophy, weight problems varicose veins, heart and digestive problems. Adapt an active life style. You’ll stop sitting cross legged when you will learn that in this pose load on the spine is unevenly distributes. Blood outflow is disrupted, BP increases. The popliteal artery gets blocked. This can lead to Spinal disk Herniation, varicose, personal nerve palsy, problems with pelvic muscles.

8. Why is cigarette harmful?

Cigarette contain Butane which is a light liquid, it contains Nicotine that is used as insect repellent , Steric acid, which  is a candle wax, Arsenic – a dangerous poison, Toluol – an industrial solvent, NH3 – toilet cleaner, paint is contained in paper, Carbon monoxide Produced by burning. Cadmium which is filled in Batteries, Hexamin – a inflammatory substance. Methanol – rocket fuel. If you care about yourself and your family just stop taking these life eating materials.

9. 5 things not to do after eating.

You should never smoke after eating because even 1 cigarette is equals to 10 cigarettes which are so harmful and by the above content too you know it. Instead, have a drink after eating because drink dilutes stomach acid. Never ever eat if you are going to sleep because when you sleep just after eating, food does not get digested and causes heartburn. Do not take a shower just after eating because it reduces blood flow in the stomach and worsens digestion. Don’t eat fruit after you take food because fruit contains acid which aggravates the digestive tract.

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10. This happens to your body when you drink alcohol.

After 1 minute of drinking alcohol – the alcohol passes into the stomach and is absorbed into the blood. After 5 minutes the alcohol affects the brain changing your mood. The alcohol affects the altering coordination. After 30 minutes, you will have a sense of complete relaxation. And after 45 minute the concentration of alcohol in blood is high, liver is affected. After an hour, the kidney sends everything you have drunk to the bladder, the body becomes dehydrated.

11. Smartphones provoke blindness.

Every evening you sleep and play on smartphone, closing one eye and keeping one eye open, this provokes blindness. The closed eye is adapted to darkness and open eye to light. Temporary blindness occur which passes within certain amount of time. Melatonin production reduces which causes sleep problem. Place you phone a little further from your bed from today to stay safe and healthy.

12. What happens to the brain without sleeping?

12 Dangerous Habits That Can Ruin Your Life! Beware!

When you avoid sleep regularly then you concentration worsens. The appetite increases and you feel hungry, as a result you eat too much and get obese. Lack of sleep makes you irritable, you get angry very soon. You even begin to see hallucinations very often. Proper words don’t come out, inarticulate speech delivery problem happens. If you don’t sleep very often then you immunity weakens and as a result you get so many kind of diseases. Brain damage is also a problem that has been find in so many people who avoid sleep. So if you are avoiding the necessary sleep, stop torturing yourself right now. Stay healthy stay positive.

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