12 Most Bizarre Last Wills of All The Time!

Hello guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation! We all fear death. It is also righteously said that- You can’t take everything with you when you die. So, this is the reason why wills are prepared. People entrust their belongings to their relatives, charity and other communities through their last wills. But, we’ve encountered some last wills which are completely bizarre and unusual.

So Let’s Take A Look At 12 Most Bizarre Last Wills of All The Time!

1. Comic books with the ashes of the creator

Marvel’s editor Mark Gruenwald, had a great inclination to Captain America and Iron Man comic books. He loved it so much that he wanted to take it even after his death. So in his last will, Mark requested that his ashed be used to make a comic book.

2. The Star Trek creator Went to No Man’s Land!

Gene Roddenberry was buried in space. He is the creator of the most iconic comic sagas, Star Trek. No doubt that he was a space love. And, he ended there.

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3. Shakespeare left his second favorite bed for his wife!

The most renowned romantic poet William shakespeare, turned out to be unromantic in real. He entrusted all his wealth to his daughter and left, only his second favourite bed for his wife.

4. The Dead Family Dinner Will

John Bowman, strongly believed in idea of afterlife. He lost his wife and daughter during his lifetime. But, he always hoped that he will join his family after death. He took this to a step further, that in his will he entrusted $50,000 to a trust, which was made to take care of his 21 rooms mansion and serve dinner every night. This was for if John and his family showed up and felt Hungary. This will was carried out till 1950’s.

5. Drums made out of a Dead Man’s Skin

S Sanborn was an American hat maker. He lived a common life. When he died, he shocked everyone by mentioning in his will, that his skin should be used to make two drums. Those drums were meant to be carried out to Bunker Hills every 17 June, in remembrance to Revolutionary War Battles anniversary.

6. The most romantic last will of all the time

Jack Benny was a popular comedian. When he died, he made sure that his will includes something for his wife. He wrote that his wife must receive a red rose everyday until her last breath. That is why, the title here is the most romantic will ever.


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