13 Important Life Lessons From Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, it was not just a television channel for us, it meant something more for us. Back then in the 90’s, it was our best friend, it was our adventure world, it was our life. Remember how we would come home rushing from the school just to catch our favorite cartoons or how we would forget doing our homework because we were busy watching Swat Kats and Scooy-Doo. We would spend our entire day sitting in front of the television screen, watching some of the greatest cartoons ever made like Ed Edd N Eddy, Tom And Jerry, The Flintstones and a lot more. All those cartoons will forever remain close to our heart because they taught us how to believe in ourselves, how to dream and never give up on our dreams, how to always be yourself, they made our childhood awesome.

Sadly those precious moments of our amazing Childhood have passed and gone is the golden era of those cartoons, but we will forever cherish it. All those wonderful memories still remain vivid. Cartoon Network was a well known name in the early 90’s for “The Looney Tunes” and “HannaBarbera” cartoons. But it rose to the unparalleled heights of the popularity in the late 90’s when it aired some of the greatest shows like Johnny Bravo, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed Edd N Eddy.

So Let’s Take A Look At 13 Important Life Lessons From Cartoon Network!

1. Life moves pretty fast, but it’s not a race. So don’t focus on winning the race, focus on enjoying the journey while it lasts. Don’t rush, slow down, and take a look around. If you don’t then you’ll miss plenty of good stuff. Don’t sweat and take it easy.

Cartoon Network

2. It would be impossible to imagine a life without friends. Friends bring color and fun to our dull plain lives. And life is a lot more easier and awesome with friends.

3. Without a little craziness, life surely would be boring. So don’t lose the spark of your craziness because it makes you who you are. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks of you, be crazy, be free.

4. A lot of people think that happiness comes from owning cool stuff like gaming consoles, high-end laptops and gadgets. But truth is these materialistic stuff only makes you a slave. We can still be happy without having an i-Phone or having a Facebook account. Life can still be fun and wonderful without technology.

5. You know how planet and our environment is endangered by the rapidly increasing pollution and we think that our government or some one else would do something to save it. What we don’t realize is that it’s up to us to protect our planet for the coming generations. The responsibility of the future rests in our hands.

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6. Just stop being afraid of what others will think of you. Be yourself, be who you want to be, not what the world wants you to be. And when it’s the time to show the world, be the badass you and unleash your true self.

7. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how many struggles you have to face. Don’t give up or give in. Just keep pushing, keep trying. You will encounter failure many times, but it’s okay. Learn from it and try again, keep trying until you succeed.

8. What does anybody want in their life? A purpose which will give meaning to their life. And a passion is something which gives the life a purpose to live. Without passion, you can’t grow or express yourself. Only through doing something you love, you can know and understand yourself.

9. We all fear something, even the brave ones have fears too. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, the fear is always there, but the realization that there’s something far more important than the fear. So face your fears, don’t let it become an obstacle.

10.  Monsters do exist and they do not live under our bed, buut inside of us, inside in our head. So confront your demons and monsters. We all wear a mask to hide our real self, to hide who we are, to hide our emotions and feelings.

11. Everyone has different talents and skills. And it would be unfair to compare one’s talent with others because everyone is unique and different.

12. Well size does not matter, but your mindset and attitude does. For example a small mouse like Jerry with his brain can easily defeat a big cat like Tom now just wonder what we humans can achieve in our lives. And the reason why Tom keeps failing in catching Jerry every time is because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

13. Don’t let the opinions of others become your reality. Trust me you’re awesome!

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