15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show “Riverdale”

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The show must have taken a dark turn but in real life, the star cast of this show is pretty much amazing. They are often seen hanging out with each other and have quite a lot of fun on the set. Some of your favorite characters on the show are best friends in real life and some are even dating each other. So today let’s have a look at some of the behind the scene photos of this show so that you also know how fun this Riverdale family is.

So here are the 15 behind the scene photos from your favorite show “Riverdale”!

1. This photo is from the days when the shoot for this show had just begun and Lili Reinhart posted this photo on her social media handle.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

2. This is Lili Reinhart’s audition photo and she was out of the room preparing for her scene.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

3. Betty and Veronica are not just friends on screen but they are friends off-screen too and they surely have a lot of fun without the boys.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

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4. Madchen Amick had hosted this dinner for her Riverdale family and they surely look very hungry in it.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

5. These Riverdale boys love to work out whenever they get time on the set together. It shows their beast mode.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

6. The cast of Riverdale has been inseparable since they met and in this photo, they were preparing for their promo shoot.

7. This photo of the core four squads was clicked right outside Pop’s Diner during the shoot of season 1.

8. The Midnight Club was seen having fun at Veronica’s La Bonne Nuit and they seem to have a lot of fun.

9. Cole and Camila surely look very exhausted in this picture and must be waiting for a pack up.

15 Behind The Scene Photos From The Show "Riverdale"

10. You must be wondering what happened to Cole and KJ are up to in this. Well, we’re wondering that too.

11. The Farm is not looking that spooky after all. Maybe their cult is actually very good.

12. KJ is quite a gentleman after all as he carried his co-star all the way across the street to her set.

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13. Its make up time for all the Riverdale cast. Cole seems to have fun while distracting Lili when she’s doing her makeup.

14. We miss Luke Perry aka Fred Andrews a lot on the show. This photo is a throwback when Luke wore Lili’s wig and was enjoying his time with her.

15. You should always keep that friend close who clicks good pictures. Lili is seeing doing a good job in that as a best friend.

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