15 Dark And Disturbing Secrets of Disney That Will Shock You!

From the most disturbing and shocking unheard secrets of the Disneyland to the bizarre Easter eggs found in their movies and to weird sexual references. Today we present to you the most disturbing and darkest secrets of Disney!

So let’s take a look at 15 Dark And Disturbing Secrets of Disney That Will Shock You!

1. FBI Informant

Disney darkest secrets revealed disturbing

Walt Disney served as a secret FBI informant for years and allowed J. Edgar Hoover access to their movie and TV
scripts so the agency could suggest changes. In return for Disney’s information Hoover allowed Disney to film in FBI headquarters. A few years later Walt Disney was made a ‘Full Special Agent in Charge Contact’. Disney took up the role of an agent and he reported the activities of Hollywood actors, producers, directors and writers back to the bureau to determine if they are planning any subversive act. In a communication between Disney and Hoover Hoover writes ‘I am indeed pleased that we can be of service to you in affording you a means of absolute identity throughout your lifetime.’ The FBI have complete access to Disneyland and have altered the scripts in Disney films numerous times.

2. Mysterious Code A113

Have you ever noticed the code A113 appearing in Disney films? Well the Disney animators have been placing this
code discretely into all their movies for years. There are many conspiracies about what this code actually means from subliminal messages to the Illuminati. However according to Disney A refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. It was the classroom for first year graphic design animators and the use of A in their films
is just a friendly nod to one another.

3. Propaganda Cartoons

Another controversy associated with the Walt Disney Productions is that they are accused of making propaganda films for the U.S. government during the WWII. They believed the widespread familiarity of Disney’s cartoons benefited the U.S. government in producing pro-American propaganda. As requested Disney made films for every branch of the U.S. military and released some to the general public including ‘Der Fuehrer’s Face’ and ‘Education for Death The Making of a Nazi’

4. Motherless Characters

Most of the characters in Disney films have either lost their mothers at the start of the movie before the movie
even begins or they just aren’t even mentioned at all. Ariel grows up without a mother in ‘The Little Mermaid’, Bambi’s mother gets killed which made everyone cry. Cinderella was raised by her Stepmother and Snow White was raised by the Evil Queen. One theory is that Disney films are all about growing up so a loss of a parent forces the character to accept responsibility. However the most accepted theory is that Walt Disney blamed himself for his own Mother’s death. She died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home that he bought his parents from a leaking furnace he was supposed to get fixed.

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5. Little Mermaid Erect Minister

The Little Mermaid is a typical Disney film about true love. In the film the evil sea wench Ursula disguises herself as a human and steals Ariel’s voice. Prince Eric believing her to be Ariel proposes marriage. As Ursula and The Prince walk up to the altar, the bishop marrying them is seen with a huge bulge beneath his robe. Disney animators claimed it was his knee but when the film was released on DVD, the offending trouser tent was digitally removed. Also you’ll notice an erect Johnson sneakily disguised as a tower on the cover of the box.

6. Lemming Suicide

The Disney documentary ‘White Wilderness’ was released in 1958 and noted for its misconception of lemming suicide. A scene in the film supposedly depicts a mass lemming migration that ends with the lemmings leaping to their death into the Arctic Ocean. However this was not the case. Investigators found that the lemming scene was filmed at the Bow River and not at the Arctic Ocean. They also discovered that the lemmings did not voluntarily jump but were pushed by a rotating platform installed by the film crew.

7. Secrets Of The Lion King

The Lion King movie has an extensive list of controversies far too long to list here. There’s been an ongoing debate over the formation of a dust cloud spelling out the word ‘s*x’ during a scene when Simba flops to the ground. The image on the billboard poster and cover looking like the backside of a half naked woman. The fact that the roar of the lions in the movie are actually recorded from tigers. And the similarities between The Lion King film and a Japanese animated TV series called ‘Kimba the White Lion‘ that was produced in the 1960’s.

8. The Lion King’s Scar

Another one originating from The Lion King movie. Scar who was Simba’s uncle and traitor to King Mufasa became the first Disney villain to actually kill someone causing The Lion King to be named the darkest Disney film of its time. At the beginning of the film Zazu told Mufasa that Scar would make a handsome rug. Just think whenever he gets dirty you could take him out and beat him! Scar was then brutally murdered at the end of the movie by the vengeful hyenas and three years later the Disney film Hercules was released and Hercules can be seen wearing
Scar as a throw rug.

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9. Debbie Stone

America Sings was an attraction at Disneyland California that opened in 1974. It featured a rotating carousel of animatronic characters that would sing and entertain the audience. On July 8, just nine days after the attraction opened an year old Disneyland cast member Debbie Stone was crushed to death when she walked between the rotating walls. After the incident the attraction was abruptly closed to install safety lights and the walls remodeled so they would break in case a similar incident occurred.

10. Discovery Island

This Disney Park was first opened in 1974 as part of Disney World in Florida. Guests on the island could observe the native wildlife and have the excitement of going bird watching. The island is adjacent to the abandoned Disney’s River Country water park and both parks are now permanently closed, but still accessible to small boats. The decision to close the attraction was affected by a change in Florida laws which prohibited unchlorinated natural water bodies from being used as water parks. There is speculation however that a brain eating amoeba was discovered in the

11. Nudity In The Rescuers

In the original release of Disney’s The Rescuers there was a secret photo of a topless woman hidden in just two frames of the video. The photo appears in a window in the background as Miss Bianca and Bernard are flying back through New York City. The two images could not been seen in ordinary viewing because the film runs too fast. The Walt Disney Company announced a recall of 3.4 million copies to remove the offending image. The Rescuers video was re-released in March 23, 1999 with the naked lady edited out.

12. Jessica Rabbit Going Commando

In the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Bob Hoskins had to play alongside a cartoon vixen called Jessica Rabbit. There were quite a few bizarre sexual innuendos in the movie as you’d expect with a character like that but the animators got slightly carried away. During a scene where Jessica Rabbit is thrown out of a car crash, she can been seen briefly with no underwear on. In later releases of the film white underwear was digitally added.

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13. Disneyland Policies

Over the years Disney has enforced some rather strange policies at their parks. When Disneyland opened in
visitors with facial hair weren’t allowed to enter. Employees weren’t allowed beards until . Employee actors in those ridiculous costumes were told never to say no sit down point with a finger or break character. Some costumes even require company issued underwear so it doesn’t bunch up to a nasty camel toe and it wasn’t until that Disney allowed
them to be washed at home to prevent cross contamination.

14. Human Remains

There are many people that like to scatter their deceased relative’sashes at treasured locations and I guess loads of people just loved Disneyland! One woman was caught scattering ashes off the side of a ride car but the most popular place is in the Haunted Mansion. Also in Disney used real human skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride to make it look more convincing.Most of the bones have since been removed, but employees say that one remains over the treasure room bed.

15. Disney Employing S*x Offenders

In Florida at least 35 Disney employees have been arrested for s*x crimes involving children since making Disney the employer with the highest amount of recorded s*x offenders. In a report by CNN the Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said ‘Wherever you find children you’ll find s*xual predators that want to be there’. Disney maintains it has ‘extensive measures in place’to identify child predators before they’reemployed and stands by their claim that Disneyland is The Happiest Place On Earth.

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