15 Extraordinary And Creative Resumes That Not Only Won Jobs, But Also Hearts!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Resume is the first step of every person to apply for their dream jobs and through it the recruiters select the candidates for a particular kind of job. Almost every person make their resumes of the same kind, this seems to be too boring for some people and hence tried a new way to apply for their dream jobs.

So let’s see those 15 extraordinary resumes that will surprise you!

1. Robby Leonardi’s resume for graphic designer post in the form of a video game

15 Extraordinary Resumes That Will Surprise You

2. Jonny Rocket’s resume for artist’s job

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3. Vicktor’s resume on a cereal box to reach the recruiters breakfast table

4. Akash Neeraj sold himself as a product on Flipkart to get a job there

5. This person’s resume highlights all the events happened in last 20 years and his daily tasks in those years too in a Lifechart form.

6. Nina Mufleh’s resume made the company fall in love with her.

7. Arianedenise’s resume for a job in the advertising agency will make you feel WOW!

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