15 Facts About The Indian Legend A.R. Rahman!

Hey folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation! Allah Rakha Rahman was born on 6th January 1967, in Madras Tamil Nadu. He is considered as one of the most talented music composer and singer in the industry of India. There are seldom any people left in Indian who have not listened and loved his songs. There are some facts that people don’t know about A.R. Rahman. That’s why we are here.

So Let’s Take A Look At 15 Facts About The Indian Legend A.R. Rahman!

1. A.R. Rahman’s real name is A.S. Dilip Kumar. He is multi talented man with so many talents. He is a music producer, singer, songwriter, musician, philanthropist. 

15 Facts About The Indian Legend A.R. Rahman!

2. In 1980. he made his TV debut, for Doordarshan, in a children’s programme “wonder balloon”. He played 4 keyboards when he was 13. He gained popularity by this show.

3. He didn’t complete his school. He left his school at the age of 15. He dropped out because of poor attendance. Although, A.R. Rahman aspired to be an Computer Engineer.

4. His other known names are- ARR, Isai Puyal, Mozart of Madras.

5. He has a son named Ameen. He shares his birthday with his son.


6. A street in Markham, Ontario, Canada has been named in Honor of A.R. Rahman. It is named as A.R. Rahman Street.

7. He has provided scores for even Hollywood movies too. Some of which are 127 hours, Lord of war, Million dollar arm etc.

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8. In 2007, he was recorded in Limca Book of records for hos record as ‘Indian of the year for contribution to popular music’.

9. Stars crave for even one Filmfare awards. In such scenario, he has won 15 Filmfare awards. He also won 14 Filmfare south awards till 2014.

10. Out of total 138 nominations, he carved his name on 125 awards. He also won 2 Grammy awards, 2 academy awards, 1 BAFTA award, 4 national film awards, and a golden globe award.

11. He is first person in Asia, who has won 2 Oscars in same year. Now that’s an impressive achievement.

12. Airtel signature tune is the most downloaded ringtone with over 150 million download. It is composed by AAR.

13. In 2005, A.R. Rahman’s soundtrack of Roja, was listen in Time’s “10 best soundtracks” of all the time. In 2009, he was listed in Time’s world’s most influential people.

14. He won 5 honorary doctorates, including from prestigious Berkeley institute of Music.

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15. Rahman has also received Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards from government of India. 

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