15 Leaked Photos That North Korea Wants Deleted!

Hello readers! Welcome back to your favourite – Humor Nation. We are back with some North Korea secrets, which are meant to be kept hidden from all people. There are some leaked photos over Internet, which the country wants deleted. North Korea is more preserve countries and like every country have some secrets. But, due to some mis- happening, the photos got leaked and flooded over Internet. These photos reveal a lot about the inside happenings of the country.

So, Let us probe into the case about 10 leaked photos that North Korea wants to get deleted from Internet:

1. Comparison

North Korea pretends always that it is better than all other countries, but this photo reveals something else. This photo shows contrast between North Korea and China. Looking at this photo, it is easy to tell that China is on right and a much less evolved North Korea is on left. Even the lights drop off on this bridge, leading to southeastern China. The latter country often has troubles keeping its power on.

2. Everyday Life 

Great pictures are allowed to be seen on Internet by North Korea to prove it is on of the greatest nation, but as we can see clearly in these two pictures the reality. A man peeing on the roadside and a woman purchasing items from a store, which have no customers and much items available.

3. Security

Escaping or entering North Korea is not an easy task. Every place of defecting the country is heavily monitored. Also, the single deserted point from where visitors enter the country also have tight security and is heavily monitored.

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4. Rural

Most of the pictures of North Korea is shot in Pyongyang, the capital city which is developed. But, most of the population depends upon farming. Outside the city you can see lots of green farming areas. Here, life and farming is not easy.

5. Transport

North Korea have very less vehicle. Everyone is forced to depend on their own ways and legs. People cover larger distances by walking. Even for workers, who carry heavy materials, vehicle is not allowed and they are asked to do it on the basis of their own strength.

6. City

Even the highly famous city, Pyongyang, we can find areas and buildings which are under developed and ill maintained. There is only one hotel in the city and government doesn’t pay any close attention for its development. This is a gloomy sight of North Korea which can be visible from far beyond. This fact is always kept hidden from other countries’ people.

7. Cleaning

The streets of the city are kept clean. These streets are so astonishingly clean that you won’t believe that people living there are made to clean the streets themselves in case if the government or Jim Un visits the city. People are forced to clean the ways for them.

8. Propaganda

Propaganda is an accepted part of life in North Korea. But, it can seem strange to outsiders. Their custom declarations form makes it clear that you are not allowed to bring laptops, guide books etc. from South Korea into the country, if you want to be allowed entry. The propaganda is displayed on TV’s in restaurants all the time. Even for visitors, taking photos with staff is a big no.


9. Anti-American

People in North Korea hides the excruciating poverty of their country. You are allowed to visit museums where the photos are of the wars. Also, they have a museum where Americans are shown surrendering to North Korea.

10. Indoctrination

The former leaders of North Korea are everywhere. The statues, and the television covers them and their propaganda. Their pictures are hung everywhere. Kids grow seeing these pictures and learning all the propaganda. It seems like, you can’t have a breath without looking them.

11. Soldiers

Kim Jong Un had prohibited anyone from taking pictures of army persons. May be because he don’t want people to see the poor condition of the military forces. They are shot doing menial labor and indulging in undignified acts. This makes them not to look like an army man.

12. Poverty

Although, Kim had tried hard to hide it from the world. But the poor condition of the country citizens is not hidden anymore. The people in North Korea are living a very poverty ridden life. There are some pictures showing thin man and children. People have to ride on bicycles to go and return from work, because it is their only option.

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13. Children

North Korean children are shown marching in photos. But the actual photos are never shared. Photos of children working in the fields are never shown, so as not to reveal how harsh is the life there. Also when children saw technologies, they were afraid, because they have never saw something like escalators.

14. Working

The majority of people in North Korea are forced to perform manual labor as this is the only option to live. This photo of women and children repairing walkway milestones caught photographers on the heap. These are against the rule to capture these. The transport system is also not easy in country. People have to wait in long queue to catch a bus to work. water is another major issue here. A photographer was asked to remove this photo of a man fishing. This man was fishing to get something to eat. This depict the poverty conditions of country. The man in the other photo happens to take bath in the river.

15. Staged Photos

If you happen to see a gang of good-looking girl standing around in North Korea, there is a good chance you’re seeing a staged seen. Here we see people milling around train entrance, despite the fact there being no trains coming. The subway is deep underground and serve as a bomb shelter.

15 Leaked Photos That North Korea Wants Deleted!

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