15 Shin-Chan Jokes That Will Make Your Day!

Everyone is familiar with the 5-year old adorable, but naughty kid Shin-Chan Nohara. Well you’re a big Shin-Chan fan otherwise why else would you be reading this article? Shin-Chan is a very popular cartoon character and the TV show has gained an unbelievable popularity worldwide. Shin Chan is very entertaining, but he is very troublesome for his friends, parents and acquaintances. Shin Chan is an adventurous child who believes in living his life to the fullest, his silly antics annoys his parents. 


Crayon Shin Chan came into existence in 1992, it is based on the manga of the same name which was illustrated and written by Yoshito Usui. The manga was adapted into an anime in the year 1992 by a famous Japanese TV channel “TV Asahi”. Initially Shin Chan was an adult cartoon, it was created for the people in the mid 30’s, focusing on a child who questions what’s normal? But the series became very popular among the young children that the TV channel and its creators had to make the show family oriented for all ages. To this very day, the series remains very popular, the show has crossed over 920 episodes, it has been dubbed into more than 30 languages, and has 25 full-length movies so far.

So let’s take a look at 15 Shin-Chan Jokes That Will Make Your Day!

1. That’s right! Legends like Shin Chan.

2. Do you like Capsicum? I don’t.

3. Something we all could relate to.

4. Shin Chan believes in living a worry free life, living in the moment.

5. Ab Mein Itna Bhi Kuch Khaas Nahi.

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6. My reaction when someone I hate opens up their mouth.

7. He is the master of flirting.

8. King of trolling.

9. Dear Miley, Shin-Chan did it first.

10. That blush!

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11. Shinchan Nohara knows everything.

12. Some cool moves you got there Shin.

13. Trolling Level : Shin-Chan Nohara.


15. Don’t underestimate this little kid.

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