17 Tokyo Ghoul Quotes That Can Teach You Valuable Life Lessons!

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a world where dangerous and vicious creatures known as “ghouls” exist, they live secretly among the normal humans, blended in the society.  These ghouls can only survive by feeding on the human flesh, the citizens of the city “Tokyo” live in a constant state of fear, they fear for their lives from these bloodthirsty, flesh eating creatures. These ghouls hide in the plain sight, disguised as normal humans, to avoid pursuit from the ghoul hunting investigators.  Ghouls have many special abilities such as enhanced speed, their have super senses, they can heal very quickly from any injury, a ghoul is physically much stronger than a normal human being. Not only that, the skin of any ghouls is resistant to any kind of piercing weapons and they possess a special organ known as “Kagune” which they manifest and use in a battle.

So let’s take a look at 17 Tokyo Ghoul Quotes That Can Teach You Valuable Life Lessons!

1. No one is born a monster, but the world creates one. 

2. It’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. Life is all about learning and growing.

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3. Never trust someone too much or you’ll be disappointed.

4. Beyond a certain limit, even the pain is no longer painful.

5. That’s the tragedy.

6. Never give up. Fight until your last breath.


7. It’s all about the intention. 

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8. There’s no place for the weak in this world.

9. Just keep on moving. You’ll suffer any losses, but you have to find the strength to keep going on.

10. This world is corrupted.

Tokyo Ghoul Mado yoshimura juuzou

11. Poor Kaneki Ken. Such a tragic story.

12. The greatest evil in this world is inaction.Tokyo Ghoul Quotes Touka

13. Change yourself or change the world.

Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki

14. You have to a choice. And if you can’t then you’re weak.

Tokyo Ghoul Rize

15. A mask to hide the real self.

16. Is life truly evil?

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17. Nice people are always like that.

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