11 Muslim Celebrities With Hindu Names!

Hello Friends! Welcome back to Humor Nation.  Changing names is a peculiar step. Some change it because of likeability, some because of the demand of the situation. Many actors have also changes their names because their profession demanded it. Also, because they needed a name which has to be catchy and cool. This is what we have listed down for you. Look at some Muslim celebrities with Hindu names.

So, let us know 11 celebrities who have Muslim names and they are still known by Hindu names:

1. Madhubala was born as Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi. She changed her name to Madhubala and became most renowned and popular actress. She died in 1969, because of illness.

11 Muslim Celebs With Hindu Names!

2. Ajit had a massive fan following. Ajit was his stage name and he was famous with this name only. His real name was Hamid Khan.

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3. Meena Kumari was the tragedy queen of Bollywood. She was also known as Naaz. But, her real name was Mahjabeen Bano.

4. Johnny Walker acted in approximately 300  films. His real name was Badruddin Jamaluddin

5. Nimmi was known as Nawab Banno. She was born in Agra. Her mother was a singer. She was named Nawab by her grand father.


6. Sanjay Khan is father of Fardeen Khan. He is a popular actor, director and producer. His real name was Shah Abbas Khan.

7. Shyama was born in Lahore as Khurshid Akhtar. She had some hilarious performances in movies like Aar Paar and Barsaat ki Raat.

8. Arjun was born as Firoj Khan. He played the role of Arjun in TV serial Mahabharat.

9. Dilip Kumar is a legendary actor, one of the greatest of Indian Cinema. His real name is Muhammad Yusuf Khan. He is a great actor, producer and activist.

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10. Jagdeep is the screen name of Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri. A fine actor who has been praised a lot for his comic roles.

11. Jayant was born as Zakhariya Khan. 

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