2019 Is A Year Of Biopics And These Films Prove That

3. Thackeray (25th Jan)

This movie was released on 25th of January and portrayed the life of Bal Thackeray who was the leader of Shiv Sena.

4. Super 30

This movie is also all set to release and is based on the life of a mathematician named Anand Kumar who runs a program named Super 30 in Patna for the well being of IIT aspirants.

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5. PM Narendra Modi

This movie released on 24th of May 2019 worldwide and people were keen to see this movie as it was based on our current and 14th Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

6. 72 hours: Martyr who never died (18th Jan)

2019 Is A Year Of Biopics And These Films Prove That

This movie was based on the life of Jaswant Singh Rawat who was a Rifleman and fought during the Sino-Indian War in 1962. He also received the Mahavir Chakra for that.

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