21 Interesting Things about Tokyo Ghoul’s Investigator Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya is one of the mysterious characters on Tokyo Ghoul. Since their art is weird stitches on his body, he also has many reference on tarot cards. So here’s the list featuring many unknown facts and information about this unique Tokyo Ghoul character.

So Let’s Take A Look At 21 Interesting Things about Tokyo Ghoul’s Investigator Juuzou Suzuya!

1. Juuzou Suzuya is a special class ghoul investigator who also went by the name “Rei Suzuya”. His first partner was Yukinori Shinohara who he looked up as father.

2. We see that he has stitches all over his body, below his right eye, neck and several more around his arm. It was also seen that he is the one who stitches his own body, he sees it as a body modification.

3. He was cold-blooded killer until he met Shinohara. According to Yukinori Shinohara he is a problematic child. Even with a twisted personality, he has good skill and he showed no hesitation to kill someone.

4. Because of the Big Madam’s treatment he no longer feels fear nor pain. He has no sense of any right or wrong, he has no morals left. He will take any opponent head-on no matter how dangerous they are. This was shown when he decided to take on the owl alone.

5. He has no emotions, he doesn’t even feel empathy. However when he sees that his father figure Shinohara was beaten to death he suddenly felt how important he is to him and he unleash a cry of anguish.

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6. After Yukinori Shinohara has been comatose he expressed more dedication to his work even told Big Madam that he will kill her personal grudges aside, but because it was his duty to exterminate ghouls.

7. Speaking of Big Madam, she was a powerful and influential ghoul who has connections on the black market. Big Madam raised Juuzou as a human pet and was subjected to extensive abuse causing Juuzou to develop a somewhat erratic personality. Juuzou was trained to perform the circus, but the audience was ghouls.

8. He became a scrapper on a Ghoul Restaurant. Ghoul Restaurant is a secret society of Ghouls whose members are part of the higher class society. They lure unsuspecting humans guests to the restaurant where the human will be trapped in a new slave called scrapper. Juuzou being a scrapper, he is forced to kill the humans.

9. Big Madam dress him as a girl fearing that his puberty would change him and that he would go ugly, and not be pleasing to the show. Big Madam made a decision, she performed a castration with hammer and he was forced to live as a girl.


10. When he was rescued the investigators commended his agility, flexibility and reflexes. However due to his personality they refused him to join the CCG to which Shinohara disagreed stating that Juuzou was a victim and deserved a second chance.

11. The chairman of CCG appointed him to run three investigator when he turned 19. He was also given the chance to choose his own name, he decided on Juuzou Suzuya, his alias at the scrapper.

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12. During the attack on the Aogiri hideout, he infiltrates the building he was also the one who killed Yamori. However Yamori is already severely injured by Ken Kaneki because of their previous fight.

13. He was promoted as Associate Special Class and he was given the command and to choose his own squad in the 13th ward.

14. During the auction he disguises as a girl so he can get inside Big Madam’s location. When Uta announces a special item for sale which is actually Juuzou, he repeatedly stabbed Uta in the face.

15. He was the one who verified that Arima sleeping during a battle with the ghoul is true. Juuzou remembered Arima falling asleep for a few seconds during their whack-a-mole relation.

16. At the age of 22 he was promoted as a Special Class. He’s the second person to achieve that class in that age, the first one was Arima.

17. According to his profile on Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 3, the current obsessions of Juuzou Suzuya are serious hide-and-seek and throwing hanbee. He is also in the top six most popular character in Anime.

18. The association of Kazuya with the number 13 is a wordplay. It’s possible to write the name Juuzou with Kanji, translating to 13.

19. 13 (XIII) is also associated with the Death Arcana.number can also be associated with his quinque, his hair clip. his association Jason and the fact that he worked in 13th ward in Joker. The number 13 is considered unlucky in many cultures, related to death and loss.

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20. Since he was the second Special Class in his early twenties. In contrast to Arima being the Black Joker, his card on Tokyo Ghoul Trump is the White Joker.

21. He got the honors such as Excellent Squad Award, Ryuukitsu Medal, Double White Wing Medal and Golden Osmanthus Medal. White Wing Medal is achieved when the investigators defeat a SSS rated ghoul while the Osmanthus medal is given to investigator who eliminates certain number of ghouls within the span of a year. Golden Osmanthus Medal is the highest of the class which means killing more than hundred ghouls a year.

Juuzou Suzuya

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