22 Times When English Grammar Was Found Brutally Murdered

A famous Grammar Nazi once said that “I don’t pass judgment on individuals based on their cast, color, religion or sexual orientation. I pass my judgement on the individuals in view of their grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation and sentence structure. And if I come across such person then I am certain that individual will bite the dust soon or will kill the mistake maker”. But that doesn’t apply to everyone especially to the Indians, so when in India, do like the Indians do. Like the legendary actor Amitabh once said “English is a funny language” and there’s no harm in committing some some silly grammar errors which eventually may end up being GRAVE mistakes.

English is a standout amongst all the written and spoken languages in the world and it is very tricky. On the off chance that if you neglect to put a comma at some place in a sentence, then the meaning of the sentence will be changed completely. In some situations, placing and not placing a comma at the right place can be a matter of life and death. Take for example this sentence. So you can save lives too by using a comma.

Let’s eat kids.

Let’s eat, kids.

But of course, committing errors is perfectly normal and very common, and it is what eventually makes us human. And ridiculing and making fun of others’ silly mistakes is also human.

So Let’s Take A Look At 22 Times When English Grammar Was Found Brutally Murdered!

1. WHAT?

2. Only people with GMAIL, YMAIL can join this gym.

3. I am assuming they sell cute little bear toys for the children.

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4. Do you want a body massaj?

6. Children cutting? WTF!

7. Well it means the same thing, now wed and later on bed. If you know what I mean.

8. Rs. 15 Per Hour For Internet Suffering! They Make You Use Internet Explorer And A 128 Kbps Internet Connection.

9. People with erection problem can visit this mobile repair store.

10. Go fast then.

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11. Order a juice and the juice will visit your home.

12. That’s so pimpin!

13. They are giving a free hand LOL

14. Horrible Mistake.

15. One of a kind saloon.

16. Put deeper what?

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17. Now you can buy a mom.

18. Seems legit.

19. Taking care of all your needs.

20. Seriously??

21. This is a BIG mistake.

22. *shifted.English funny grammar India

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