16 Words Only True FRIENDS Fans Will Understand!

23 Words Only True FRIENDS Fans Will Understand!

Hey guys, welcome to Humor Nation. Friends is a popular TV sitcom. It started in 1994 and continued till season 10 which ended in 2004. It is still so popular all over the world. People watch the whole sitcom again and again. The show tells the story of 6 best-friends Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay who live in New York city. As we know that every TV series has its own slangs and languages. There are always some inside jokes that hit us hard right on our funny bone, Friends is full of such inside jokes that only true FRIENDS fans will understand.

So Let’s Take A Look At 23 Words Only True FRIENDS Fans Will Understand!

1. Phalange

16 Words Only True FRIENDS Fans Will Understand!

For a normal human being this term is simply – a bone in the finger or toe, but if you are a Friends’ fan then this term has other meanings like- last name of a blonde lady, or a very important part of the airplane, that’s why phoebe’s remark that there is something that went wrong with the left phalange of the plane.

2. Unagi

For normal people this is term used for freshwater eel, but for someone who is obsessed with friends like us it means a state of total awareness. In one scene Ross describes it as Unagi, is a state which you can only achieve if you’ve managed to prepare yourself for any danger that may occur in your life. UNAGI!!

3. Pivot

For someone this term simply means to rotate something, but if you are a fan of Friends, especially of Ross Geller this term means a crucial step in the moving process. He uses this word to indicate his friends to lift or rotate a sofa so that it could fit a tiny staircases. So whenever doing any moving just shout PIVOT! PIVOT!

4. Armadillo

To most people it is a creature or a mammal with an armour shell but to friends’ fan it is a substitute of santa who visit during christmas. Ross Geller could not manage to get a Santa’s costume for christmas for his baby Ben so he introduced a new character Holiday Armadillo who has been here because santa was busy zooming around the world.

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5. Break

For normal people this word just mean to separate something apart or take a break means just some time, though for Friends’ fans this term means freedom to do anything even kiss another girl if you are on a break from a relationship. This term emerged from the break up of Ross and Rachel.

6. Nestle Toulouse

If you are a true friends fan Nestle Toulouse is Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookie which is so yummy. According to her she only passes the recipe to Buffay family. Later on it is found that it is already a company which serves already prepare ingredients.

7. Moist

This term seems like something baffling or even vaguely explicit for a normal person, but for serious friends fans this term is completely related to sandwiches. According to the show, the moist maker is a secret to a sublime thanksgiving day sandwich-it’s gravy soaked piece of bread that you put in the middle of sandwich to ensure all other ingredients stay moist and give you a delectable sandwich.

8. Vafanapoli

To someone who speaks Italian this term means “Go to Naples”. But this term is rarely used, but for friends’ fan this term is used by Joey whenever he wants to curse someone. He shouts Vafanapoli and here it is, you are cursed. Just because this sitcom does not appreciated R-rated words this was a great way introduced.


9. Nubbin

For average person this term simply means  little lump of bone or cartilage on your body. But for a friends’ fan it is used to reference a third nipple. Chandler had a nubbin on his chest and all though that he have 3 nipples. HAHAHAHAH! Isn’t it funny!

10. Lobster

For non- friends people this is simply a source of protein. It is a creature that dwells in sea and served as main dish of luxurious dinners but for true friends fan this term means – True soul mate. According to Phoebe, a lobster is a creature that mates for life. According to friends, a lobster is someone who you truly love and who loves you back.

11. Moo

Moo isn’t even a word in real life. But if you see friends you may find meaning even to this. This word is used by Joey Tribbiani in the show, according to him, when you are talking about a moo point, you are talking about something that is as equivalent to a cow’s opinion. It is something you should not concern yourself with, and not something that really matters. If you are talking something which does not make sense to me I will call it a moo point.

12. Transponster

For a normal person it is not even a word. But in this famous sitcom Rachael thinks that Chandler’s occupation is of a transpondster. She refers this because she thinks transpondster is the term use for all crappy jobs. This is not a proper job.

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13. Mockolate

This term is also non-existent for anyone who have not seen friends. But for a friends’ lover Mockolate is the less pleasant chocolate. Less delicious and something that if Monica Geller could not make it taste delicious, there is no hope for it.

14. Gleba

According to dictionary, a gleba is solid mass of spores, and this term is rarely used. But According to friends, Gleba is alternative for mama and dadda for your child’s first word. At least it was for Ross and Rachael’s daughter Emma. Ross remarked that her first word is gleba so she is surely going to become a scientist. She is an extraordinary child.

15. Seven

For you it may be a number, but for Monica Geller of Friends it is the number of erogenous zones on a women’s body. In the sitcom she taught Chandler about these.

16. Banana Hammock

This term usually meant  a men’s underwear but for true friends fan it is Phoebe’s name for a moment in the show. She changed her name into Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

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