25 Highest Paid Sportspersons According To Forbes!

Forbes magazine keeps a track of rich people. It had once published the list of highest paid Sportspersons of the entire world along with their earnings. Hi guys! we Humor Nation are back with this excitement list of highest paid Sportspersons of all times.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Highest Paid Sportspersons According To Forbes!

25. Andre Agassi

He is a famous tennis player of all the time. He earned a-lot through his endorsement deals, but most likely he was paid by NIKE. NIKE’s payment made most of his earnings. His total Earning: $450 million

24. Evander Holyfield

He is a retired boxer who is mainly famous for his fight with Mike Tyson. The fight was so brutal that Mike got disqualified for biting Holyfield’s ear. That fight itself earned Evander $ 35 million. But the man himself led a disrupted life with numerous lawsuits. His total Earning: $475 Million

23. Kevin Garnett

He was an NBA – Basketball player. At mere age of 21, he received a six year $ 126 million deal. Then he built a successful career and his salary alone was $334 Million.

22. Peyton Manning

He is also a host. He holds a record in passing 71,490 yards, and also in number of touchdowns,i.e. 539. He lump-sum have a total earning of $480 Million.

21. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is also a CEO of his company Miami Marlins. His business career had a vague start, but he will make is grand too. Total earnings of this sportsman is $490 million.

20. Manny Pacquiao

This Philippines senator has shown his ability not in sports only, but in politics too. He is No. 4 ranked pound for pound boxer of all the time. His total earning is $510 million.

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19. Oscar De La Hoya

He fought Mayweather and this fight earned him the biggest pay per view in history. He had 2.5 million views. His total earnings: $ 520 Million.

18. Jeff Gordon

He is all time famous NASCAR racer. Jeff holds a record of winning 93 races in his career. He is able in business deals too. He owns some shares in Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48. His total earnings: $525 Million.

17. Alex Rodriguez

Alex is  a multi tasker. He is famous baseball player. Alex is a well know host for TV shows too. He is also in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Alex is popular for for signing 2 of the 3 biggest deals of the game. His total earnings: $575 Million.

16. Lionel Messi

All time famous and favorite football player of the era. He plays for Barcelona. His has so many awards. He is the pride of Argentina. His total earnings: $600 Million.


15. Roger Federer 

One of the most taken name whenever it is talked about Tennis. Roger is the golden player of Tennis. He holds the crown for highest earning prize on an ATP tour. Roger owns most singles titles in tennis history. He is no. 2 in the world for tennis. His total earnings: $ 675 Million

14. Mike Tyson

He is one of the greatest legends of boxing. No one can beat his popularity among fans. Now he is an actor and doing a lot of other activities. His total earnings: $ 700 million.

13. Greg Norman

Greg Norman is a golf player, he is No. 1 golfer in rankings. He is known as “The Shark”. He is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who took active interest in world around him. His total earnings: $ 705 million.

12. Cristiano Ronaldo

He is one among the legendary footballers of the era. His fan following is unbeatable. Also his earnings are unbeatable. He plays for Portuguese and have several awards for his name. His total earnings: $ 725 million.

11. LeBron James

He is one of the greatest NBA players. He is 2 times Olympic gold winner, and has numerous awards of NBA numerous times! His total earnings: $730 million.

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10. Shaquille O’Neal

He is agreat athlete of all the time. Shaq has his own sneaker brand too, which sells 120 million units per year. He also wrote a autobiography, ‘Shaq talks back’. His total earnings: $735 million.

9. Floyd Mayweather

He is a boxing legend with 15 world boxing titles and many more awards. Even Forbes didn’t counted his earnings of his fight with Conor McGregor. His earnings: $785 million.

8. Kobe Bryant

Famous NBA player. Kobe didn’t stop there. He became a successful entrepreneur with Kobe inc. He also started a venture capitalists firm.

7. David Beckham

Beckham is earning more after his retirement. He debuted his career with a recent Guy Ritchie film. He is known footballer. His total Earnings: $800 million.

6. Phil Mickelson

He is one of the three most famous golfers. He owns 42 PGA Tour wins, three master titles, open championship, a PGA championship and many more countless records. His total earnings: $815 million.

5. Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher sadly is in comma since a skiing incident. But he is a world known Formula-1 racer. Only racer to win 7 formula one races. He is greatest formula one driver of all the times. His total earnings: $1 Billion.

4. Jack Nicklaus

After Tiger Woods, Jack is a famous golfer. Now a days, he is into golf designing business. He is weaving his dream of building a business empire. His total wealth: $1.2 billion.

3. Arnold Palmer

Palmer is also known for golf. He is also among the famous golfers of the era. He has a charismatic and pleasing personality. Arnold is the precursor of all athlete stars. His total wealth: $1.4 Billion.

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2. Tiger Woods

Even after so many controversies this star golfer is still at the top. He had been removed from game too, but still he is highest paid sports star. He has endorsements from which he earns. His total wealth: $1.2 billion.

1. Michael Jordon

Great of the greatest basketball player of all time. He had an amazing NBA career. And today he owns a team, Charlotte Hornets in NBA. He is also considered the main player who have popularized NBA. He was great player of all the time. Remembered by everyone. Total wealth: $1.85 billion

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