3 Fan Theories That Might Come True In Supernatural Season 15

Welcome to Humor Nation. While fans may not be ready to bid farewell to their beloved fantasy drama Supernatural this upcoming season, but that didn’t stop some fans from making the predictions and coming up with conspiracy theories. What happened in the finale of season 14 wasn’t described by the cliffhanger, we saw our boys once again trying to save the world without the intervention of Chuck AKA God.

As Sam and Dean Winchester hit this final stretch, Chuck Shurley is both writer and enemy of the brothers, he’s the one setting up these chaotic storylines. This time the stakes are the highest and everyone is wondering how the things will play out?

So Let’s Take A Look At 3 Fan Theories That Might Come True In Supernatural Season 15


3 Fan Theories That Might Come True In Supernatural Season 15

We saw Billie paying a visit to the Jack in the Empty, it’s void where dead demons, angels, and the Nephilim go after dying. In the final episode, Jack had questions regarding why he is there and Billi explained to him that she has things to discuss with the Jack.

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The Empty is even far older than the God himself and it’s a dimension where he doesn’t preside over the void. Also let’s not forget death has the power to resurrect beings and Billie is the death. This leaves the possibility that she might bring Jack back in order to restore the balance.

Some fans have come up with a theory that not only will Jack return, but he will be the one who will take over the place of Chuck as God, as the ruler of all the beings. Billie and the cosmic entity might help him in doing so.

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