4 Nepotism Stars Who Are Good And 4 Who Are Bad

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The debate of Nepotism is not something new, but ever since the actress Kangana Ranaut got brutally honest with the director Karan Johar on his show, the subject has taken a different turn. Since then, many actors came forward and agreed with Kangana’s view while there were a lot of people in Bollywood fraternity who called the statement as a means to grab the headlines. The death of popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput has again ignited the debate as one of the speculated reasons behind his demise is credited to Nepotism. The actor was taken off from many projects and some sources reported that he was even banned by some major production houses. This has enraged the fans who calling to put an end to favoritism in Bollywood.

Today we are counting down the stars who managed to find success in Bollywood due to Nepotism. While some of them have a nice personality and inspire others, some of them just prove why being a star kid can’t teach the right manners.

So Take A Look At 4 Nepotism Stars Who Are Good And 4 Who Are Bad

8. Salman Khan

Hunting animals for fun, running over the sleeping people on footpath, accused of hitting his girlfriend, this man has more controversies than you can count. Known for sabotaging the careers of the people who don’t agree with him. Many blame him for ruining the promising career of Vivek Oberoi just because he dared to speak the truth and stood with Aishwarya, Rai. Vivek Oberoi isn’t the only one, he even tried to wreck the career of DSingh, Abhinav Kashyap. Recently Sahil Khan also came forward and exposed Salman’s tactics.

7. Abhishek Bachchan

4 Nepotism Stars Who Are Good And 4 Who Are Bad

There’s a strong argument that Abhishek Bachchan wouldn’t have a movie career if it weren’t for his legendary dad Amitabh. He’s no where near to his father or mother when it comes to acting skills. Apart from a few successful and memorable films, the actor’s career isn’t something that will remain etched in the public memory.

But Abhishek is a great human! He is a good son, respectable towards his parents, and is always there for his family. Abhishek is a loving husband and a protective father. His love for his fans is also evident when he replies to his fans on his social media and never lets anyone feel left out. What’s even more amazing is that he’s good at heart person, countless times people trolled him for his career and being married to Aishwarya, but he always takes it sportingly that even haters start loving him. His punctuality and polite demeanour is something that the fans should learn.

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6. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor always finds herself surrounded by controversies. Often times her comments on her fellow actors display an ounce of jealously. Whether it’s showing middle finger at a press conference or calling Shobha De a bad writer only because she critiqued Sonam’s movie. It is quite clear that Sonam cannot take criticism. The same happened when Abhay Deol who was her co-star in ‘Aisha’ raised the valid question of spending a ton of money on Sonam’s dress which was unnecessary, she took offense to the question and ended her friendship with Abhay. At one time, she called Katrina Kaif shameless. Getting angry at the reporters or throwing around attitude to the other stars, Sonam does what she thinks is right.

5. Tiger Shroff

4 Nepotism Stars Who Are Good And 4 Who Are Bad

Tiger Shroff also found his success as a result of Nepotism. If he weren’t a star’s son, it would have taken him a decade to get launched in the film industry. But there’s more to his personality than what the eye sees. Tiger Shroff is an extremely skilled individual. He holds a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and is also trained in gymnastics. Learned different dance styles since he was a kid. He practices healthy lifestyles and promotes the same to his fans. Tiger is a devout of Lord Shiva and holds a fast every Monday. The actor is also very soft spoken and extremely polite. Always kind to his fans on social media and in real life during the film promotions and interviews. He also stays away from controversies.


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