4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn’t Get Along With Each Other

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Making a show is a very complicated process, from crafting a story to bringing that story to life, there are so many parts involved in the mechanics of a TV show creation. Casting the right actors who could justify the characters to ensuring there’s a chemistry between the actors for the necessary storytelling. In case of the Vampire Diaries, all the actors shared a tremendous chemistry, they just clicked together. But often times the on-screen relationship of the actors could be drastically different from their behind the scenes dynamics. You would be surprised to know there are a couple of TVD Universe actors who had disagreements with each other and also didn’t get along at one point in time.

So Take A Look At 4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn’t Get Along With Each Other


4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn't Get Along With Each Other
The CW

Bonnie and Damon has one of the best, if not the best friendships in the TVD Universe. Even though both these characters had exchanges on the show, but it wasn’t until the Season 6 when they truly became close friends. There was a great chemistry between the two and many fans expressed the desire to see the two being romantic paired together just like the books. The real relationship between Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham also mirrored their on-screen roles. In Season 1, Bonnie couldn’t stand Damon and as being a best friend of Elena, she tried her best to keep Elena safe.

4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn't Get Along With Each Other
The CW

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The two just didn’t along at all. Also, not to forget Season 1 Damon was ruthless, he used and hurt people without any remorse, he did terrible things. In an interview given to AOL, Kat Graham revealed how she and Ian didn’t get along in the beginning of TVD. They just hated each other. She explained how Ian and her didn’t like each other. Whatever the reason might have been. But now it’s completely changed. Kat said that Ian is her best friend now. He’s one of her closest friends. Kat considers Ian as one of her inspirations who helped her in finding herself. So Kat and Ian are pretty close and real life besties similar to their on-screen characters of Damon and Bonnie.


The CW

Matthew Davis again found himself in another Twitter controversy when his tweets landed him up in the hot water. During the pandemic, Davis put on a header on his Twitter profile which read ‘BOY-COTT CHINA’ along with an image of the virus. When the fans objected to his headers, he responded by saying that China should be held accountable for the pandemic. His fellow Legacies co-star Kaylee Bryant took a stand and said that her mother is white and her father is Asian. The virus isn’t racist like some humans. She urged everyone to be kind in these testing times. Many speculate that it was after all this Twitter drama that Kaylee unfollowed Matthew Davis on Twitter.


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